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House Rules

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Posting in the wrong section could result in the removal of the topic, an infraction to the author of said topic and for repeat offences a ban may be instated on the offenders account.


Not reading announcements. The announcements the rule refers to include any content posted by ex-staff or staff on the forums that is A) Pinned B) Within the announcement board C) Announced above forum sections


Unnecessary post includes posts that do not contribute to the content the thread it is posted in. If staff believe the post is reasonable you will not receive any punishment.


Unnecessary feedback refers to any feedback that you have gained that was not for market related activities such as helping a user set up RSBot. This is not seen as market fraud under most circumstances but may depending on the severity of the situation.




Inappropriate behaviour refers to any behaviour that shows any intolerance towards race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief or inflammatory comments directed at other members.


Profile violation refers to the use of inappropriate content within either of the following A) Avatar B) Signature C) 'About me' D) 'Website E) 'Location'. If staff believe the content is reasonable you will not receive any punishment. Inappropriate content is defined as anything that violates powerbot rules which includes but is not limited to pornographic, intolerant or unlawful content.


Spam includes any posts that are meaningless, off topic or used to farm post count. Spam, much like unnecessary posts are subject to staff opinion and will only be removed if seen unfit by staff. Spam only occurs if
instances of the same or similar posts are created. Staff discretion is used when differentiating spam from mass spam.


Bumping your thread is allowed every 3 hours within the market, outside the limit is 1 per 24 hours. Autobumpers are allowed, however if you receive a message from a staff member and fail to reply within 24 hours (while you are still bumping) you will face punitive action - if you are a complete zombie then you are a risk in our market and should not be here.




Posting in appeals/disputes when not directly involved or adding evidence.


Advertising refers to posting an external link. External links are allowed within reason, sites such as personal sites or a friends site is advertising. Furthermore, logos or images or mentions about such website even without an actual link is deemed advertising. This includes posts, topic titles, avatars, signatures, member titles, topics and private messages (if done for direct advertisement purposes).




Illegal content refers to real world laws, please note different States/Countries/Cities have different laws. This rule is not checked against any specific zones and staff discretion applies. If you have doubts about content then please contact staff members. it is only 'allowed' (tastefully) in Random. Illegal content can also be enforced where the content only borders being illegal.


Market fraud includes any content within the market which is not true, staff discretion applies. This includes feedback fraud. Feedback fraud includes but is not limited to 'feedback farming', 'false feedback', 'feedback trades' and misleading feedbacks. All feedback left must have came from a trade done using the powerbot market, and you can only feedback each member once per day. If you trade 7 times in 1 day - you can not leave 1 feedback every day for the next 7 days. Blatant feedback farming is not allowed and will be punishable.


Mass spam is the same content as spam (see 2.3/2.4) however on a larger scale. Again, staff discretion is used when differentiating spam from mass spam. If the spam contains content that violates other rules you can be infracted for both offences and serve a longer punishment.




Hacking refers to the act of gaining unauthorised access to another members account, computer or other intellectual property . Please note we understand things such as gaming account technically do not belong to the user however when enforcing this rule it is seen as theirs.


Ban evading refers to the act of creating another powerbot account when you have one already banned.


Account Sharing refers to the act of allowing other users to use your account. This is an offence for both the user allowing it and the user doing it. If access is granted for special reasoning by an administrator the user must not send any messages from that account nor create any content.


Account selling refers to the act of selling any powerbot account. Both the user purchasing and selling are in violation of this rule and will be punished.


Multiple accounts are not allowed by any user. Exception: see 4.2. However, if you have other family members wishing to create a powerbot account please do so and contact a staff member immediately. Please note that if a family member becomes permanently banned, all family members are then banned until the issue is resolved. Family members must never feedback each other even for trades.


Posting users personal information. powerbot recognises the majority of users real life information is available online however making it available on powerbot is an offence. Depending on the severity of the situation this can be worthy of a permanent ban.


Scamming. Taking items from a user without fulfilling your end of the deal or tricking the user into a deal.




6. Staff Permissions


Staff members have the power and permission to ban any member at any time for any reason. If you feel this has been abused you can contact an administrator onsite or via email: Although staff have this power the ban will be reversed if deemed unfit by a higher authority.


All bans require proof and a current administrator must have proof or have seen proof for a ban to be held. No proof has to be shown to the banned user however.


Staff members will not release another users IP address however they can confirm if an address matches a user and name the user it matches if required in an appeal/dispute.


Administration will ban any members which dispute payments.


The infraction/ban reason used may not be relational to your offence if a moderator feels a different punishment is better suited.

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