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[RS3] KaraFisher

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Description: Cages Lobsters and Harpoons Tuna/Swordfish in Kara F2P region, it then takes it to the trader and exchanges them for notes.


  • Exchange lobster/tuna/swordfish for equivalent notes.
  • If your fishing level is higher than 50 it harpoons, if its between 40 and 50 it cages.


  • Start in Karamja by the fishing spot as shown in picture below. 
  • Script is made much more efficient if inventory is empty.


  • Start at the fishing spot in Kara with empty backpack.
  • Fishing level 40 or above.


9b8ebfc430.png     7a699249f5.png





Release Notes:

29/04/2016 - Initial Release
17/05/2016 - Additions and Bug Fixes - Made sure script was interacting with fishing spots after they disappeared
20/05/2016 - GUI Beta Release - Added interactive GUI, smart dropping, camera options and AFK timers.
22/05/2016 - Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where script would stop during fishing state due to lobby opening, fixed several
other bugs that affected fishing Tuna and Sword Fish.
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Eldorado RuneScape Gold

How much profit/hour?
Uploading to SDN?


Depends on if you're doing Lobster or Tuna/Swordfish.

If you're doing Lobster then you're only getting Lobsters, at a current GE price of 105 gold per Lobster and an average of 250 Lobsters per hour you'd get 26,250 gold per hour.


If you're fishing Tuna/Swordfish then you'd get 1/2 Tuna | 1/2 Swordfish. Tuna at the moment goes for 41 gold on GE and Swordfish goes for around 477 gold. 

So 125 Tuna = 5,125 gold and 125 Swordfish = 59,625 gold so roughly 65k per hour. But that's just me guessing, I didn't really pay much attention to the profit part of the script. :)


The main reason I made this wasn't for the gold but for the exp. I'm currently a F2P player so this way the best place to level fishing.


Uploaded to SDN waiting for it to compile, should be up soon. 

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How much profit/hour?
Uploading to SDN?


To confirm profit/hour I did a 4 hour test run and got the following:




In next release I will add run time to the GUI, but profit p/h works out to be 81,198 gold.

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Gotcha. Haven't ran it because using more profitable f2p script.
Maybe you should add runtime below KaraFisher, just my suggestion.


All good :) Yeah definitely thought about that as well. I'll add a timer above Status field in GUI for next release.


Also if you're interested in profitable f2p you should check out my KebabBuyer script:

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after 1 load, it just stops for me and doesn't do anything again... sometimes it doesn't finish the load its already getting. im new so plz let me know


What does the status field say after it stops? Also when does the stopping occur? 


Also which type of fish are you catching, lobster or tuna/swordfish.

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New Beta Release (Requires testing and feedback):


  • Interactive GUI
  • Powerfishing (Can either drop during fishing or when full inventory)
  • Camera toggling (Based on play style)
  • Random AFK timer.




Would really appreciate feedback and bug reports based on this beta release.

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I was just banned using this bot. Anyone else have this problem?? 


Edit: it actually got permanently banned... lost 55mil

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