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Realist NO ID REQUIRED Selling 07 Gold FAST (Thousands of Vouches) LIVECHAT

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Selling 07 Gold for $ MANY METHODS AVAILABLE @
I also accept CS:GO/RUST Skins/Gift Cards/Other forms of payment just ask
Methods of Contact:
UID: 469448738734211072
Visit and contact livechat!
* Rates are subject to change at any moment, and are also subject to increases/decreases due to fees etc. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your account(s).
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Current Rate: $1.08/1.13/M 


I usually cover fees unless stated otherwise.


Methods of Payment ;

  • 100% Verified Paypal
  • UK Bank Transfer 
  • Skrill < Subject to availability (NO STOCK)
  • Bitcoin < Subject to Availability (NO STOCK)


I have handled billions of gold, I have middle-manned hundreds of mils etc.


My only Skype is 'Ramozey' you can see a link in my signature.


If you are unsure about who you are adding/messaging me just ask for an OSRS bot PM verification, I will never refuse to message you.


Cheers smile.png



If you stock up on BTC i'll sell for it whenever.

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