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Trains agility at the Yanille Watchtower shortcut. Continuously climbs up the Trellis and then down the ladder.

Start off on the second floor in the Watchtower as shown below!



- Hit 'ESC' and then set your Quick Layout to the Class Preset

Then set up your interface according to the picture below:



Screen Shots



How to Get

This script is available on the SDN

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Eldorado RuneScape Gold

its a good script, a little tricky at first, i had to zoom out so it could click on both the trellis and the stairs. keep up the good work!

Literally coded this within 15 minutes. It should have set the zoom level for you though, but yea. It's just to simply go from like levels 15-40.

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i had no problems. set my interface to what was in your screenshot and clicked play. it took about 15 seconds then got to work. no mess ups. 
love this bot thank you very much. since it's free could i perhaps get a copy of the code so i may work on it?

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Looks a bit risky to use this one haha, I mean it's really really good, but the mouse keeps going to the same spots haha, especially right after clicking :P but i'd rate this 10/10 so far :)

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Please help. copy paste from log


java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing: FieldConfig[parent=sk;name=o;type=J;mult=-3329651511271758337;]


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