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[6th Annual] Official powerbot Awards


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  1. 1. Admin of the Year

  2. 2. Mod of the Year

  3. 3. Sponsor of the Year

  4. 4. Developer of the Year

  5. 5. Shitposter of the Year

  6. 6. Retard of the Year

  7. 7. Scammer of the Year

  8. 8. Best New Member

  9. 9. Best Member of the Year

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Ari Gold for member of the year would be chill ya know it's like the first black president but different.

Remember me in your acceptance speech.

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Ari Gold   

Remember me in your acceptance speech.

Will do. Already started writing. Do you think comparing myself to MLK Jr is giving myself enough credit or should I compare myself to multiple greats? I don't want to offend any who feels I'm not fully appreciating my greatness.

Who the fuck is Kaii?

And how is im everyone getting so many votes?

What the fuck I thought this was going to be a clean sweep. Edited by Ari Gold

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