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xMiner - Mine anywhere with maximal xp rates, superb execution and custom banking


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  • Mine anywhere in the game
  • Custom bank pathing allows you to create your own unique path
  • Mine 1 drop 1 option (M1D1)
  • Mouse key dropping
  • Shift dropping (when enabled for your player)
  • Dragon pickaxe special
  • Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) decision making
  • Flawless execution
  • State of the art antipattern to keep your account safe


  1. Start the script while logged into the game
  2. If banking remember to choose a bank path (if power chopping ensure one is not selected)
  3. Bank paths should be made to the bank from your training location
  4. Ensure your player is at the place you'd like to mine
  5. Fill out the simplified settings screen
  6. With input set to disabled click all of the rocks you'd like to mine and ensure they are highlighted
  7. Click the "Start" button




Path Creator


To create a path:

  1. Open the path creator
  2. Ensure you are at your desired training location
  3. Click "Start Recording"
  4. Navigate to the bank you'd like to use and click "Stop Recording" once you arrive at the bank
  5. Click "Save Path" to name and store it for later use

For select individuals who's bot "forgets" saved paths after a few runs this is due to your operating system clearing out the temp directory where Powerbot allows us developers to store local files and you will have to manually change your computer settings. I have made numerous requests to the Powerbot developers to give us a persistent storage area however they continue to refuse with no valid explanation for their decision. You can see my original request (which was denied) here. If this is something you'd like to see implemented (a persistent storage location) please create a request here and hopefully the developers will listen. Sorry for the inconvenience.







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ive got it downloaded and ready but i dont know how to set up the tile radius thing, i put the number 10 to see what would happen but it just doesnt work,

Follow the instructions. If nothing is getting highlighted let me know what location you're at.

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Is there a way to make the pointer move faster? 

The M1D1 is really slow, to the point where it's not actually M1D1.

If there is not a way to make the pointer move faster, can you fix that please?

There is currently no way to increase pointer speed. Just use mouse key dropping.

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It's been working perfectly for me for the last week at Varrock east.  This afternoon I noticed my exp/hour was down from around 17k to 4k.  I just restarted the client and script and now it doesn't work.  Doesn't highlight the rocks and more and when I click start the little status window doesnt come up either.  The only way I know it's running is it's still (right) clicking on things.  Doesn't drop, doesnt mine.  No flaws for the last week before this.


Edit:  After a few restarts it looks like it's working and back to normal speed.

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