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xCooker - Advanced cooker with task queuing

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Started running this.

I'm wondering what anti-ban system you got here?

So far, I've seen that the bot waits sometimes between depositing and regetting raw food, and when levels are achieved the bot waits a bit (afk simulation).

Also, when the raw food is being used on the fire, each time a different raw food is used on the fire -> extra randomness.


Apart from this, is there more anti-ban system, like 'breaks', etc?


Thanks for your efforts.


PS: After a inventory is done, the bot deposits the food, gets raw food, and then waits for like 1-4seconds every single time. I believe this is a bit too suspicious. Could you perhaps look into it and fix it up, so that there is minimal to no waiting between depositing, getting food and exiting the bank?




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More info needed

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On 27-4-2016 at 11:53 PM, Explicit said:

a reply here would be nice

I told you before that this script does not support doors.


@Al Kharid, it fails everytime walking to the furnace from bank.

It first misclicks @ the building of the furnace. then walks wrong. and then walks the right way into the building :(

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Just wondering, How long does everyone bot for in a day? Aside from the 5 second pause after getting food out of the bank and the somewhat fast mouse movement, the script is perfect. I would actually pay to get a working wine maker

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15 hours ago, Canixx said:

2 days ban after using this script for about 2 hours. use it at your own risks

Send me a picture of two day ban in PM please. Never seen that before for macro offence. 

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I'm clearly stupid

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On 21/11/2015 at 8:14 AM, Jungle Larry said:

Any feedback on this script?

I have used it in Alkarid, and the only issue i have is that it walks to the wrong side of the wall, it ends up outside of the house.

Otherwise a very good script (Y) i very much enjoy using it.

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