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[OS]TS Seers Agility Course

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TS Seers rooftop agility course


Runs through the Seers agility course on OSRS


SDN: Available on SDN




  • Runs through the Seers rooftop agility course
  • Picks up marks of grace

How to start:

  • Start the script near the Seers bank.

Future updates:

  • Drink energy potions
  • World hopping
  • Summer Pie support 
  • Banking


  • Please leave bugs in the following format
    • What was the task name when the error occurred
    • What is the symptom of the error
    • Any information you think might help solve the issue.
  • Suggestions
    • I'm totally open for input on how to improve the script
    • Leave any new ideas that you would like to see implemented, and will do my best to incorporate it.






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  • Suggestions

Gz on release. I assume it does not bank? Support for summer pies if you are under the required level would be awesome. ^^

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Great idea! I will definitely add that support ASAP.

I can provide you with IDs of full and half pie if you need, got tons of them : D


What's great about them is that they restore health, run energy and boost your agility level with 5.


You could make it eat a pie if there's some in inventory and the notification widget about your level being too low is .visible()

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If you could add alching that would be super cool. I've also used this and it worked fine. It got me 60 to 70 agility without any issue. So idk why that guy got banned. Maybe from another script or using it for like 24 hours in a row

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