[PREMIUM] xAgility - Master the Agility skill with ease [20+ HOUR PROGRESS REPORTS]

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You should have a look in Pollnivneach course. Sometimes the bot stuck in some parts and climb up some stairs that not included in course that make it stop to train. Also picking up the marks of grace, its keep trying to right click pick.

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had a small problem (about 30 seconds) not picking up a MoG at varrock but it eventually fixed itself.  good script so far!  is it at all possible to add support for super energy potions as well as stamina potions? ( super energy is cheaper but with the same benefits)

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2 hours ago, Orange Bush said:

is it due an update. i just purchased and the script was running fine for 1 hour but now is not responsive. 

Restart your computer, sounds like your cache is messed up.

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On 12/20/2019 at 2:16 AM, harunga123 said:


maybe you could add werewolf agility course? cuz thats like 60-70k agility xp / hr, so would be great, ive already used this script from 1-90 agility ive had no problem so far

You haven't got banned at all? What course do you typically use?

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