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[OS] Quick Fisher | Banking

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Fishes fish, and stuff.
Run in fixed mode. 

Banks at: (locations will be added)

  • Catherby
  • Draynor
  • Barb vill (edgeville)
  • Fishing Guild
  • Shilo village

Fishes anything using either:

  • Rod & Bait
  • Net
  • Big net
  • Harpoon
  • Cage
  • Rod and feathers

Powerfishing option available.



Get your fish on.

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found it, but can you make it support barbarian fishing and power dropping?

thank you so much.

probably not because I'm just a level 3 :\


if you mean AHK style dropping then I can add that

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so is this script removed? i had it in my list maybe 2 weeks ago but now i just don't see it listed anymore

I only wrote it yesterday, press ctrl+f5 on /scripts and you should see it


can you please add support for fly fishing?powerfishing trout/salmon would be great

thank you!

yh I will add it today with barbarian village banking

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Sorry guys but I've removed AHK dropping because Jagex Mods say that even if you use it legitimately (when not botting) it's still carries a high risk of ban and I'm not prepared to introduce that into the script sorry.

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