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1. Q: When are you available?

A: We have a firecaper team with full time workers, we always have someone available.


2. Q: How do I place an order?

A: Please go to, place an order and pay (You don't have to register, just add cart and checkout).
Then talk to the livechat agent to confirm your order.
Once confirmed, the agent will arrange a firecaper for you asap.
You can talk to us on skype as well.


3. Q: Can I pay with RSGP?

A: Sure you can.
07 gold will be valued at $1.1-$1.2/M, so a firecape for main would cost about 8-9M.
Please talk to livechat or skype to place an order.


4. Q: Do you do Jad only?

A: Yes, price will be $3.5 or 3M. (You need to be logged out before wave 62, and have at least 1 brew, 2-3 super restores left.)


5. Q: I have placed an order, how do I know when it is finished?

A: If you paid on website, you will get an order number and you will be notified by email upon completion.
If you paid with gold, you need to check with skype or livechat.
But usually it's safe to assume it has been done 4 hours later.


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