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Thank you Powerbot for continuing to use BoglaGold to buy and sell your 07 gold! Some of you might remember us as the small shop who mainly sold bonds – but here we are serving the most Runescape players of any gold shop by far! There’s a reason why people choose Bogla – our service is exceptional, our selling prices are cheap, our buying prices are high, and we stick to the promise of being the most trusted gold shop out there. If you’re looking to give us a shot to make your day a brighter one, head over to  to sell or buy osrs gold! Looking forward to seeing you there!


There's no need to risk shopping anywhere else - we have regularly update our prices to be the lowest priced Runescape Gold




It's better with Bogla! 




Contacting us



To contact us hassle free, please visit our website here: >Runescape Goldand click on the live chat to be served immediately.




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