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[PREMIUM] Auto Magic Pro | Lunars | Alching | Enchanting | Superheating | Teleporting

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Trains Magic. Supports all staves, Alchemy, Enchanting, Superheating, Teleporting, Superglass, String Amulet, Humidify, and Plank Make.


  • Supports low and high alchemy
  • Supports all enchants, including bolts
  • Supports superheating all bars
  • Supports all teleports
  • Supports all hides for Leather Make
  • Supports Humidify for clay and vials
  • Supports Superglass Make
  • Supports all amulets for String Amulet spell
  • Supports all planks for Plank Make
  • Supports most staves, including Lava, Mud, Steam, and Mindspike
  • Supports casting from spell book or action bar


  • 8UYzXfi.pngCt3qNGK.pngpYttIxt.png4issFxm.png


  • Select the spell category
  • Select the spell
  • Select what to cast the spell on. For Low and High Alchemy, it will show the current items in your inventory, and can select multiple items by holding Ctrl and selecting the items.
  • Select whether or not to use banking presets. If enabled, be sure to have your presets configured properly before you start the script.
  • EfOsu3w.png

How to Get

  • This script is available on the SDN.

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It keeps clicking on my second tab in bank, i've had this before with other scripts. Any ideas to solve this?

Keep all of your materials needed for the script in 1 tab.

It sometimes get stuck widrawing iron from bank, when superheating steel bars. It fails to withdraw iron and withdraw a full bag of coal and get stuck. A failsafe here would be nice ;)

Fixed. Will push an update soon.

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Also does this bot support worldwide alching?

What do you mean "worldwide"? It'll alch anywhere as long as you have runes and items in your inventory, if that is what you're asking.

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Is it safe and free?


The script is currently free and can be found in the link in the first post. And besides the bans that hit last night, I haven't seen any other ban. Remember:  DO NOT BOT ON AN ACCOUNT YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LOSE.

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