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RoRo's Design Shop // *** High Quality Work *** //

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RoRo's Design Shop // rpDesigning
Skype:  iiroroflyzz
+ ADD $2-5 for Particle Animations on 3D Signatures and Thread Layouts.
Terms of Service
- All prices are final, but are subject to change in the future with these exceptions:  Sales, Discounts, Deals, Packages, Promotions, etc.
- All designs will have my logo watermarked on top until I receive full payment
- I will not send over any final designs until full payment is received
----- Order goes:  Design with Watermark --> Payment --> Final design delivered (watermark removed)
- You are entitled to only one edit once I complete your request (you must request the edit within one week, or the offer expires)
- Paid requests ONLY
- I am not responsible for any edits after the allotted one week of free edits
- All edits after the free edit period (one week) will cost you $3
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Great artist, made me a few things for the website. Vouch!
Good luck with shop by the way. :)


Thanks!  And remember guys, my shop here entails a FREE avatar upon purchasing another design (even another avatar) for all FIRST TIME customers :D  Hope you choose me to design something for you!


Hey guys, I just added my new layout, and added in a new option for purchases:  

You can now order packages which have a lower combined cost, and various designs included all for a very affordable price!  There are four different packages you can purchase:


- Gold

- Platinum

- Diamond 

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I need some graphics for youtube channel. PM if interested so i can give more details on the case happy.png Also need graphics for facebook & twitter.


Would love to work on something for you :)


Do you have Skype?  If you do, add me:  iiroroflyzz
If not, message me with how you'd like the designs :)
YouTube = $12 for 2D and $15 for 3D ($2 off if you pay on Thanksgiving tomorrow)
Facebook/Twitter = $10 ($2 off if you pay on Thanksgiving tomorrow)
:) Let me know if you're interested!
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