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[1000s Sold|277+ FB|BONDS] Selling Bonds and Membership Codes!


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Why Trade With Me?:

•291+ Positive Trader Feedback score!

•Thousands of successful trades, Billions of GP handled!

•Over 8 years of black market experience, 2009 Join Date!

•Professional, smooth trades, without any hiccups!

eUTsaY2.png Bonds:  ~1.35M

Discounts for Multiples!

(Also accepting Google Wallet, Skrill, BTC (& PP from Vouched/Trusted users)


30 Day Codes: ~3.5M

(All 30 day codes are from GameCards, meaning they are 100% safe and can not be charged back!)


To Order:

Click Here To Add YoHoJo's Skype

You may also post or PM me!

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I guess I'll be the first =]

I need 4 pins 3(1month) 1(3month)


bunniehigh - SKYPE

Added and IMed you on Skype.

I've actually sold a ton here, but for some odd reason my old threads got archived:



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vouch, bought a pin

only Skype:l6bustankpb



Ladies and gents I have 4 imposters on skype: "l6bustankpb." , "l6bustankpbb", "l6bustankbp", "i6bustankpb" - notice the dot / 2x b / "bp" in the end and "i" in the beginning! My skype name is NOT "l6bustankpb."/"l6bustankpbb" /"l6bustankbp" / "i6bustankpb"(< feel free to use your most vulgar vocabulary while communicating with them ;) ), its "l6bustankpb"

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Bought four bonds for Paypal dollars, thanks YoHoJo.

JJ's Agility Arena available on SDN!

Current project: Barbarian Assault script!
  • Estimated % done: 40%
  • Currently: On hold for 2007.. BA in EOC is dead? :S
  • Probably going to release code or rewrite for 2007. BA is DEAD in 2013 RuneScape unfortunately.

bots are gone bro get it through ur head java scripting is impossible to do now unless you work for walgreens to get a java scripting license plus u need to buy stock in the company..

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