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    Need 15 pray zerk

    If you still need this contact me on skype: im_gabo
  2. REQUEST FORM ORDERS COMPLETED TERMS OF SERVICE (READ CAREFULLY) 1. You MUST change your password after the service is completed. We are NOT responsible for anything that happens after we delivered the account. 2. ALL our services are 100% HAND DONE, you can ask for screenshots at any point in the service, therefore any Macroing Ban that occurs during the service isn't our responsability. 3. You MUST NOT log in the account while the service is being done without our authorization, If you want to log in ask first. 4. Refunds are only given if the service has not been started. 5. If paying with 07gp, you MUST trade with a mule or another account you're not afraid to lose (due to lately RWT bans). 6. If paying with Paypal you MUST send as family/friends and follow my instruction over Skype/Discord. 7. ALWAYS ask for a PM confirmation to avoid scams.