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  1. Silvia

    [STORY] What the actual fuck

    Thats great news mate...
  2. Silvia

    [STORY] What the actual fuck

    I understand where you are coming from entirely, but I don't see the same behavior and outcome in this situation. Trust me even if it were the same, I wouldn't tackle the person on the internet like that on a forum. If I was concerned of their behavior and genuinely wanted them to notice or make a change, I would send them a PM and let them know how I feel and so on. The way its happening in this thread makes others look pathetic and just unproductive...but then again I'm not bothered and the only reason I'm responding is because I like the way you questioned my response.
  3. Silvia

    buy 1 or 2m 07

  4. Silvia

    [STORY] What the actual fuck

    My point in general is who cares lol that's his life. You can live your life however you like it and perceive whatever you want to. Just don't go around telling people or shitting on people for how they live theirs. fair rule to live by dont you think?
  5. Silvia

    [STORY] What the actual fuck

    I read it all, you must be pissed I know I would be... I don't get why people care to comment and say things like 'why spend your money on a game' , etc who cares right? as long as you're happy. Anyway did you get rolled back on anything? or any bank loss?
  6. Silvia

    OSRS tools. Suggestions please

    was literally thinking of this today, sort of like an app that 'attaches' itself to a client - maybe quick access to g.e prices, hiscores, calculating exp per hour...the basics would be a good start yeah? hope i'm on the same page lol
  7. Silvia

    neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed mining done please!!!!!!!!!!11111

    Hey mate I can hand train it, but only if you have no botting offense on your account (don't want to get flagged)
  8. Silvia

    Who has been here longer? Try me :D

    don't remember which year they changed to powerbot but been here for a while, though not so active
  9. Silvia

    Looking for xb1 fortnite account w/good skins

    I have fortnite account its currently got season 4 battle pass and 63 tiers , got like 5 skins and like 8 ish emotes if interested. For 07 gp