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  1. as the title states will pay $20
  2. Silvia

    Fortnite ban?

    Haha totally forgot this place was jam packed with kids
  3. Silvia

    Fortnite ban?

    Does my forum activity really suggest that I do much trading? Let alone my feedback total? Maybe you're trying to be funny I can't tell... but you are far from the truth. Am I not allowed to express my veteran status? Or is my sig supposed to look like a generic one that everyone else has bought?
  4. Added you on discord, have about 50m to sell
  5. Silvia

    Fortnite ban?

    Haha all good
  6. Silvia

    Fortnite ban?

    Been here longer than you bud Nothing, they think that their anti cheat system picked up something, but theres nothing on my pc?
  7. Silvia

    Fortnite ban?

    Anyone been banned on fortnite before? If so, what are your experiences?