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  1. WYD

    Difference between these sites?

    Boglagold was sold to Arcusgold
  2. WYD

    Anyone Still Botting NMZ?

    If you need NMZ come on my website. https://nmztraining.com
  3. WYD

    Car Door rip my finger

    Day 3
  4. WYD

    Car Door rip my finger

    So i was getting my backpack out of the car and my finger was in the way and i have no idea and the door hit it really hard most likey the niall well fell off but i have a full bottle of vodka last night to stop the pain work really well.
  5. WYD

    The BMWx5M ^.^

    Gay as fuck get a commodore.
  6. WYD

    What is everyone friday night plans?

    Him was having Mr Jim.
  7. WYD

    RSGM site..?

    Only good pay is doing nmz for someone, Like my nmzer getting pay from 700 to 1200 USD /mo.
  8. For myself im getting shit faced with my inlaw brother and sister
  9. WYD

    RSGM site..?

    most websites livechat cunts get 40 to 50% cut