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  1. Welcome to Mhmd21'S 07 AIO Services! Please post on the thread before contacting me. All prices are discussed with me on Skype. I'm mhmd21, the service owner. I do everything, firecapes, minigames, plvling, and questing. All prices are discussed in skype. Skype = mhmd21.yasser Discord = Sodaxi#5011 Worker(s): All payments and details go through me first! Current Deal: My old bugged thread: Order Form What do you need?: Have you added me on Skype?: Do you agree to the TOS?: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T.O.S. Always ask for PM confirmation. Payment must be sent and confirmed before the service starts. You give us at least 2 hours per quest to be done. You cant get a refund after the payment is given. If you have access to your account, then lose item(s) then service will be terminated with a no refund. I do not pay any Paypal fees. If you log in during the service I can refuse to continue and no refund will be given. You can only log-in when I give you permission to. If the password is changed, the service will be terminated with no refund. Items/Gold might be transferred from your account for your safety till the order is done. I get the outcome of any skill. If you order from me, you automatically accept the terms of service. I'm not held in control if you go though my worker directly and got scammed. I can forward any order to my worker at my own will with no prior additional permission.