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  1. I would prefer RS3GP but im sure we can work out the equivalent in OSRS gp? I'm planning to sell it either way.
  2. Hi guys, up for sale is my main account for runescape. I haven't played seriously in over a year now so I think its time to sell it. All work has been hand done by me and it has only ever had 1 password set since creation. I am the original and only owner. Main features: Alll 99's (and more) 303 QP (Most major quests done) Total level 2689 (and 2711 and 2689 Total level) Clean account history (No major or minor offences) Account has never been botted Multiple skilling pets Loads of items including 1.7k+ overloads Full primal outfit keepsaked, and heaps of overrides. Accepting RS3GP only as I plan to sell it to a website.
  3. FN Fisher   Requirements You must have the required items in your inventory before starting (feathers, bait, ect...). Obviously the required fishing level to catch the fish. Instructions Make sure your in safe mode, and your zoom is completely zoomed out. If dropping and you want to use the action bar, you must have the fish(s) placed on the action bar (from slots 1 through to =). If your not using the action bar, and your dropping, make sure the fish is not located on the action bar. If your banking, start the script at the bank. If it can't find a tile, increase your minimap size. Supported Fish Shrimp Crayfish Sardine Herring Anchovies Mackerel Trout Cod Pike Salmon Tuna Rainbow fish Lobster Bass Leaping trout Swordfish Leaping salmon Monkfish Leaping stugeon Shark Supported locations Catherby Al Kharid Draynor Lumbridge Fishing guild Barbarian village Shilo village Seers village Ardougne Barbarian outpost Please note that not all areas are tested due to lack of accounts. Please report any bugs.     You can get this script by clicking here.   Update log: 1.0 - Initial commit. 1.0.1 - Fixed a small bug where it tried to open unreachable bank. 1.0.2 - Changed path settings for fishing guild tiles. 1.0.3 - Added a fail-safe for if the community interface is opened.