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Zuzel111's Feedback

  1. Harv left Positive feedback   

    Easy, safe and under an hour.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  2. body bagger left Positive feedback   

    I don't normally leave reviews but i had to this time. I was researching online and this place had so many reviews. So i had to try it. I contacted them via . Their customer support live chat was very helpful and responsive. I was given a time a few days later but as they had spare time they had done it earlier. Which i was really impressed with. Cannot fault them one bit! Would a million percent recommend to anyone! 100% trust worthy.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  3. LukeFreeLancer left Positive feedback   

    Just did a fire cape for me, had it done straight away and the price was great :)

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  4. Courtney7x left Positive feedback   

    Second one purchased, fast reliable and reasonably priced. Thanks again.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  5. Praggle left Positive feedback   

    Bought a fire Cape through their website, was super quick and super cheap thanks a lot! Very fair pricing from a trusted seller thanks again :)

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  6. LochxD left Positive feedback   

    got me a fire cape no problems at all cheers mate

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  7. Logan left Positive feedback   

    Zuzel completed yet another Fire Cape for me on another account. Very fast and got it done quickly. I'll be back for other builds I have in progress.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  8. MysticNinja373 left Positive feedback   

    Got me the fire cape in a good amount of time, and kept me updated on what was going on. Highly recommended.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  9. mag left Positive feedback   

    did f cape on low range account thanks again.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  10. xBlowingcash left Positive feedback   

    did a fcape for me very fast 100%

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  11. Logan left Positive feedback   

    Ordered a Fire Cape (Wave 1-63) on my pure and it was successfully completed.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  12. MagicalDabs left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fire Cape
    They completed a fire cape service with only 56 range and high melee. Very fast turn around time, and easy to contact through the website / Discord. Would defiantly use again, and recommend to anyone.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  13. Logan left Positive feedback   

    Ordered a Firecape and it was started and completed quickly.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  14. Bot Nuke left Positive feedback   

    Did a 1 pray f cape on my 46 HP prodded zerker. This guy continue to impress!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  15. BreDOOM left Positive feedback   

    Got exactly what i asked for in little time. Great guy 10/10

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  16. BreDOOM left Positive feedback   

    Got me a fire cape on my 15 pray rune pure. Great Guy

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  17. GoldCOCAINE left Positive feedback   

    did fire cape on my iron man thank u so much great service!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  18. Bot Nuke left Positive feedback   

    Did a 1 pray f cape on my maxed 1 def 1 pray obby mauler! Very Professional and friendly guy!<3

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  19. Gardz left Positive feedback   

    Fire cape done quickly, my account was a specific build and he was able to accommodate even though other site would not highly recommend

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  20. notabulbber left Positive feedback   

    Firecape done, fast and professional! Nice!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  21. FrostFang left Positive feedback   

    Purchased fire cape. Done earlier than quoted. Ty ty.

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  22. notbotting left Positive feedback   

    Ordered a F Cape on their site didn't even talk to them was done when i got out of work, thanks alot!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  23. Sickology123 left Positive feedback   

    huge vouch for zuzel, got me an 15pray fcape!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  24. Zamasu left Positive feedback   

    Got me a fire cape on my iron :)

    Zuzel111 was The Seller

  25. Confess left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the firecape!

    Zuzel111 was The Seller