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  1. Lapras

    SW Application

    Hey thank you for these tips! I will begin implementing tonight if i get off work early enough
  2. I would like to apply to SW. I have created a hill giant killer capable of banking for food and hopping worlds, and in the future will be extending it to be able to run from 1/1/1 to 60/60/60 combining with other scripts I have. I also have another simple fly fisher with a GUI option for powerfishing or banking and paint for xp/fish count tracking if i should post that as well. Open to all feedback.
  3. Lapras

    Hill Giant Killer

    Have enough components to begin building the 1/1/1 - 60/60/60 script (will also extend for mage and range as well). Should be a very convenient way to start new accounts. Will post to the SDN when the beta is complete
  4. Features Kills hill giants in Edgeville dungeon Eats lobster Traversal to bank to restock food Hop worlds if too many players (a little buggy) Small antiban Starting Instructions Have a brass key in your inventory Begin the script either in the Edgeville dungeon or Varrock West Bank Working on GUI Turning this into a f2p 1/1/1 - 60/60/60, no human interaction required Update Log V1.0.0 Initial release V1.1.0 (Unpushed... don't think im using the repository correctly... folder got removed?) Added paint for time and xp tracking Fixed hover over skills fixed camera turning at bank
  5. Hey all, Here is the code i am currently using to hop worlds: Condition.wait(new Callable<Boolean>() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return players.local().interacting().healthPercent() == 0 || !players.local().interacting().valid(); } },100); // then sleep for the necessary wait period if just out of combat if(players.local().interacting().healthPercent() == 0) Condition.sleep(Random.nextInt(10000,12021));; // opens world switcher widget World joiningWorld =; while(!joiningWorld.hop()); Condition.sleep(Random.nextInt(1908,2605)); The beginning if for checking if in combat and then if the player was in combat, must wait 10 seconds before you can world hop. What I find weird is that i have to put hop in a while loop because it seems to only execute with success every 1/2 or 1/3 times. I'm pretty sure this is a bad idea to try to do it this way right? Any advice is appreciated!