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  1. Divination bot. I am aware it is Work in Progress, but the author doesn't seem to be interested in making the progress. No comments have been added by the author since November 2018. xDivination Bot. Author hasn't been updating the customers / the thread since 2007. PhilDivination Bot. Author hasn't updated the customers / the thread since 2017 Problems with scripts: All scripts have the same issue, the bot doesn't convert the memories at all, it stands at the portal.
  2. Hi staff/script writers/whoever. Is there a reason why the Divination bots don't work anymore? They get the memories but then don't convert them. Also: Is there a reason why there's no Dungeoneering bots anymore? Paid for them in the past, willing to pay for them again. Thanks!
  3. Mynewcar


    Any chance of getting this back up and running?
  4. Is there an update on this? I don't see a single div bot working atm.