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  1. Coma

    Studying for finals

    FSMs, PDAs, and formal languages have a pretty heavy presence in compilers, so it definitely helped when I was taking compilers. I never used Turing Machines outside of the class, though.
  2. Some worlds work fine, other worlds are slow. It depends on what world the client tries to load. Which worlds are working fine and which are slow will change. It's almost entirely luck based. If you go into the "manually select a world" page on the RuneScape website and try a couple different worlds, one of them will work no problem.
  3. Coma

    Studying for finals

    i have one class next semester and i'm done.
  4. Quick math off the top of my head, that's like 3m gp/hr if you bot 24 hours a day for 30 days straight. So no, there is no money making method that makes 3m/hr and requires little startup.
  5. Coma

    Studying for finals

    My automata final changed my life. It was one of those exams that just completely drains you of all your energy... But I don't have anything crazy this semester. Analysis of Algorithms and stats left. I did my others last week.
  6. Coma

    Studying for finals

    me too buddy whatcha got?
  7. RuneScape servers have been extremely slow for the last several hours. The game may be slow to load or fail to load at all. You will experience this as a black screen on RSBot. Please note that this is NOT an issue with RSBot. This is an issue with RuneScape. The only solution is to be patient. It may take several minutes to load the game. Official statement from Jagex about the issue:
  8. The client isn't being patched. You are getting a black screen because the game cannot be loaded because of on-going RuneScape server issues. You can retry a few times and you might get lucky. It took me 4 tries just now.
  9. "Cannot find symbol" means you're referencing a variable that doesn't exist.
  10. Coma

    yellow or red

    I live in FL but the sentiment is the same. But like I said: don't live in a place with crazy high cost of living. California has crazy high cost of living - taxes are a big part of that.
  11. Coma

    yellow or red

    You can make $100k as a mid-level software engineer in a lot of places in the US. If you live in a place that doesn't have crazy high cost of living, your disposable income can be quite high if you live relatively frugally.
  12. Coma

    yellow or red

    they aren't in stock yet. It'll be a few months. But they aren't crazy expensive cars.
  13. Looks like you're following an outdated tutorial.