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  1. Coma


    I tried to check to but what the fuck
  2. Coma


    god i hope so
  3. You have the wrong widgets, then.
  4. How the client is launched changed after 7096. See this thread.
  5. Coma

    New car who dis?

    TT RS so you get that sweet 5 cylinder
  6. Coma

    SW Application

    Promoted. Being a Script Writer, you have access to your own dedicated, private Git repository for your code hosted by us. Your repo URL is[user id]/scripts. More info here. There are lots of open Requests that need filled should you find yourself with free time.
  7. Coma

    New car who dis?

    Click the "Upload Images" button. Just don't click "Post to Gallery" at the end. Right click > View Image and post that - it'll automatically get embedded.
  8. Coma

    New car who dis?

    You know you can upload images to imgur without having to post them to the gallery right I don't know if it's similar in the UK, but in the US, when you lease a car they put strict limits on how much you can drive it - then they charge you crazy amounts of money when you go over. If you don't drive that much, then I guess it's fine - but I would blow through the mileage limits in like 6 months. It's partly because my last job was 50 miles (one way) and partly because my city is really spread out. There's not a lot of people, it's just huge amount of land. Like it's 25 miles from my house to school. Miles rack up real quick when you drive 50 or 100 miles a day.
  9. Coma

    New car who dis?

    passed 20,000 miles last week. No issues yet. I still follow GTI forums to keep an eye out for common problems. So far it's just leaking sunroof problems that a lot of people have, but I don't have a sunroof so it's a non-issue for mine. Only minor complaint is that the speed limiter kicks in at 115mph which is stupid easy to hit. I want to go faster but I need a tune to get rid of the limiter.
  10. Coma

    New car who dis?

    it's his money, i don't give a shit. I just can't understand why you would willingly spend $50k on a car that every single automotive magazine had serious issues with in the first 10,000 miles. Sure, they get fixed under warranty, but it still takes time to go to the dealer. Also: see the famous Doug DeMuro Range Rover with $17,000 in repairs over a 6 year period.
  11. Coma

    New car who dis?

    Nice. You spent $50k on a car that you won't actually get to drive. Better hope your shop gives you a good loaner.
  12. i'm a real noob i can't wield a d scim
  13. pls buy my gold i have a family to feed
  14. you don't need to count them all that's the beauty of math 6x4 + 5 = 29 12 windows each = 348 4 panes per window = 1392