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  1. Promoted. Being a Script Writer, you have access to your own dedicated, private Git repository for your code hosted by us. Your repo URL is[user id]/scripts. More info here. You will need to have something uploaded to your repository as soon as possible; otherwise the system will automatically demote you. There are lots of open Requests that need filled should you find yourself with free time.
  2. You can try resizing the window or minimize/reopen it to force it to redraw the panel.
  3. Remove the the out folder. Your repo should not contain any compiled objects.
  4. Exactly like I said. Q4 2015: EOC and OSRS even at around 30k Q1 2016: EOC peaks at 34k. It's all down hill from here. Q4 2019: EOC loses 40% and drops to 18k. OSRS gains 110% to 64k. Q1-2 2020: coronavirus anomaly
  5. I actually spent a little time investigating a NXT client. It wouldn't be very difficult to make the client itself, but it would require building a completely separate infrastructure for it. RS3 is basically dead. Every month the numbers drop lower. At this point I'm fairly certain it's only the whales (people addicted to microtransaction gambling) that keep RS3 afloat. We would need to invest multiple thousands of man hours to build the infrastructure for authentication, script delivery, an updater, and not to mention the client itself plus the API. It doesn't make sense to invest that kind of money for a product nobody would use.
  6. that sucks but Construction is EXTREMELY repetitive and you ran it several hours a day for several days.
  7. Also: it wasn't like we had some epiphany and decided to pivot. Someone made the plugin, asked if it could go Premium, and we obliged. I thought it was an interesting idea and we might as well make money on it.
  8. Looking at runs and sales, there are a lot of users still. Nobody is on the forums, though. It's like we've moved to 99% leechers.
  9. Coma

    Barrows Tunnels

    I believe there's varps the determine what doors are accessible.
  10. so filter by threads you posted in and then sort by date
  11. there's posts going back to May 2010.