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  1. If a tile is not visible on the map then it won't take that step. You can try putting your tiles closer together.
  2. There's been talks of ditching the query API in favor of Java Streams. If this does not go through, then I can write up a small blog post or something about Query API Best Practices™
  3. Off the top of my head, I can't remember how low I allow the HP to be set but I guess I can allow you to lower it further.
  4. This is a client issue, not a script issue.
  5. You posted this 28 minutes ago - not sure how you assume I'm ignoring you. Whatever you set the HP to, it eats when your health falls below that. You can't set it to 14, but if you set it to 15 it means eat when your health is below 15%
  6. I pulled your repo to take a look. First thing's first: don't commit anything except your source files. Remove your .idea folder and your .iml; Remove all the jars you added (you can't reference them from the SDN anyway); Remove your out folder that contains your .class files; As for your actual issue: the SDN identifies scripts by user ID and the script's main class name. Two of your scripts use "Main" as their main script class so you have conflicts. One randomly disappears while the other appears at random, depending on which one was discovered first during compilation. Rename your main script class to something unique per script.
  7. Promoted. Being a Script Writer, you have access to your own dedicated, private Git repository for your code hosted by us. Your repo URL is[user id]/scripts. More info here. You will need to have something uploaded to your repository as soon as possible; otherwise the system will automatically demote you. There are lots of open Requests that need filled should you find yourself with free time.
  8. You can't. The client has two parts: the open source and the closed source parts. We only include the API in the open source parts.
  9. Any other thoughts? @iDzn @DopeAssFreshPrince
  10. Iran has launched several missiles at US bases in Iraq.
  11. This whole loop is unnecessary. You can use select(Filter) to filter Npcs. -> !npc.healthBarVisible() && !npc.interacting().valid()); if(ctx.npcs.isEmpty()) { print("No chickens found!"); } When you're picking up items from the ground, you want to specify the name of the object. If you just do interact("Take") it will take the first item on the stack. Instead, use interact("Take", "Feather") so it will only interact with the feathers.
  12. how can i remove my card detail from account ... 

  13. It's all digital. Once your payment has cleared, it's automatically added to your account and accessible in the client.
  14. For help with a script, you can post on that script's thread.