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  1. VIP removes the time limit for scripts on the SDN. Like the message says, you need a developer account to lift the time limit for local scripts.
  2. To upload a script to the SDN, you either need a developer rank (Script Writer, Scholar, etc.) to upload it to your own private repository or upload it to the Open SDN, which is hosted on our Github.
  4. It won't pick a new target while you're fighting something else. There are times where you get attacked by another crawler right before you attack one, but when that happens it will switch to the right target.
  5. Features Built on Auto Fighter Core™ Supports all common foods including cakes Customizable loot list Frequent herb drops for low-level money making 30-40k XP/hr ~150k GP/hr Requirements 30+ Combat stats (40+ recommended) Varrock Teleport Tablets in the bank Second floor of SOS unlocked Screenshots How to Get This script is available on the SDN.
  6. it's a safe minigame so i guess you could always just run around and attack random people
  7. Open an issue on Github and we'll get to it.
  8. I needed a quick, cheap way to train magic so I made this. Features Kills a defenseless lesser demon in a cage - no need for food! Telegrabs Rune Med. Helms, Grimy Ranaar, and Ensouled Demon Heads Casts High Alchemy on the Rune Med. Helm Supports all common staffs Requirements None 33+ Magic for Telekinetic Grab 55+ Magic for High Alchemy Setup Start in the Mage Tower, in the room with the lesser demon Have laws and airs for Telekinetic Grab (if you want it) Have fires and laws for High Alchemy (if you want it) How to Get This script is available on the SDN.
  9. No. Hill giants can hit pretty hard, even with full armor on, so you would waste all your time and money running to the bank for food if you tried to fight them with mage equipment.
  10. If it's: 1. walking to the wrong places 2. mining the wrong ore Then I'm nearly 100% certain that you are selecting the wrong options in the GUI. Post a screenshot of your GUI settings. @Artificial can help you set it up correctly.
  12. Coma

    question about vip

    VIP removes the time limit that is present on free scripts. Premium Scripts have no time limit, regardless of your VIP status. If you are receiving a warning about the time limit, even though you are VIP, you can try logging out in the client and then logging back in.