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  1. Make sure you disable AdBlock, NoScript, or other browser plugins that modify content.
  2. Scripts are loaded only for the specific game you are currently playing. When you import the wrong context type, the client can't determine what game the script is for.
  3. that needs to be client=4 Properties in the manifest are key-value pairs denoted with "key=value" this is the generic form of ClientContext. You need to use the one relevant to the game you are playing. For OSRS, that should be: import org.powerbot.script.rt4.ClientContext;
  4. Your browser is storing your credit card information, not powerbot. We do not store or process any payment information. The payment processor (PayPal) does all of that.
  5. I think there was an old issue where scripts could not be loaded from the default package. Try putting your scripts in a package, do a clean and rebuild, then try again.
  6. Scripts are loaded from your classpath, so make sure they are compiled to a directory in your classpath. You can configure that in IntelliJ settings.
  7. they were made before email sign-in, so nobody can take those names (I hope)
  8. i submitted an appeal. I really just want those account names back.
  9. Yo brotherman,


    Can you check your pm real fast ^.^



  10. i checked 3 accounts banned for botting and they all say "permanent" under the "expiry" section. I checked an account banned for RWT in 2007 and it still says "permanent"
  11. nope still banned might as well appeal again and see if it works