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  1. can you give me a real better woodcutting bot.


    paying 8$ for this one that doesnt even work well is just stupid.

    1. Explicit


      Can you provide some information on what doesn't work?

  2. Explicit

    Black people

    You still kickboxing?
  3. Follow the post above please. The script requires fixed graphics settings for optimal performance.
  4. Use fixed graphics settings, if you already are, restart your computer to clear the cache.
  5. Try restarting your computer, probably a caching issue.
  6. There's always a risk of being banned using any sort of automation tactic.
  7. Unfortunately Jagex targets harder some days than others. Botting is against the rules, don't bot an account which you care about.
  8. Got any BTC? I sold the rest of my stack at 12.5k. Waiting for either a break of 16k or low of around ~9,500 to buy back.
  9. It's just a missclick, it'll fix itself eventually. Dragon harpoon special attack you mean?
  10. Explicit

    @Bitcoin Faggots

    Over 9k nice.
  11. GET IT NOW Features Mine anywhere in the game Custom bank pathing allows you to create your own unique path Mine 1 drop 1 option (M1D1) Mouse key dropping Shift dropping (when enabled for your player) Dragon pickaxe special Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) decision making Flawless execution State of the art antipattern to keep your account safe Instructions All of my scripts must be run in fixed mode Start the script while logged into the game If banking remember to choose a bank path (if power chopping ensure one is not selected) Bank paths should be made to the bank from your training location Ensure your player is at the place you'd like to mine Fill out the simplified settings screen With input set to disabled click all of the rocks you'd like to mine and ensure they are highlighted Click the "Start" button Settings Path Creator To create a path: Open the path creator Ensure you are at your desired training location Click "Start Recording" Navigate to the bank you'd like to use and click "Stop Recording" once you arrive at the bank Click "Save Path" to name and store it for later use For select individuals who's bot "forgets" saved paths after a few runs this is due to your operating system clearing out the temp directory where Powerbot allows us developers to store local files and you will have to manually change your computer settings. I have made numerous requests to the Powerbot developers to give us a persistent storage area however they continue to refuse with no valid explanation for their decision. You can see my original request (which was denied) here. If this is something you'd like to see implemented (a persistent storage location) please create a request here and hopefully the developers will listen. Sorry for the inconvenience. Screenshots For more... Update Log v1.0.0 - Initial release v1.1.0 - Updated from a power miner to a full all in one miner with banking support - Support for the Dragon pickaxe special attack to boost your Mining level v1.1.1 - Reworked settings to allow users to click the rocks they'd like to mine instead of a set tile radius