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  1. Please download the latest version, there was an issue with the 7108 release.
  2. Please download the latest version, there was an issue with the 7108 release.
  3. Please use default zoom. Most clicking issues are caused by an incorrect zoom setting.
  4. The werewolf course is basically dead content with the release of rooftops. The slightly better xp rates only save a few hours total between those levels and you won't receive any marks of grace.
  5. Please wait for a powerbot update from the developers.
  6. There's always a chance of being banned while botting. Don't bot on accounts you care about.
  7. GET IT NOW Features All trees Bank anywhere using the custom path creator Chop one drop one Mouse key dropping Shift dropping (when enabled for your player) Bird nest looting Dragon axe special Artificial intelligence (AI) decision making Advanced anti-pattern to keep your account safe Instructions All of my scripts must be run in fixed mode Start the script while logged into the game If banking remember to choose a bank path (if power chopping ensure one is not selected) Bank paths should be made to the bank from your training location Fill out the simplified settings screen Click the "Start" button Settings Path Creator To create a path: Open the path creator Ensure you are at your desired training location Click "Start Recording" Navigate to the bank you'd like to use and click "Stop Recording" once you arrive at the bank Click "Save Path" to name and store it for later use For select individuals who's bot "forgets" saved paths after a few runs this is due to your operating system clearing out the temp directory where Powerbot allows us developers to store local files and you will have to manually change your computer settings. I have made numerous requests to the Powerbot developers to give us a persistent storage area however they continue to refuse with no valid explanation for their decision. You can see my original request (which was denied) here. If this is something you'd like to see implemented (a persistent storage location) please create a request here and hopefully the developers will listen. Sorry for the inconvenience. Screenshots Update Log v1.0.0 - Initial release v1.0.1 - Updated path creator to allow banking anywhere - Option to use the Dragon axe special for boosted Woodcutting levels v1.0.2 - Added option to disable wandering for trees (keeps you within your region) for people that only want to cut their tree type in specific locations v1.0.3 - Looting bird nests is now optional - If idle for to long the script will begin doing random things to keep you logged in v1.0.4 - Support for Redwood trees