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  1. ^ this is the least surprising statement in this entire thread
  2. thectrlkey

    @Bitcoin Faggots

    wtf mods. lock thread this isnt market
  3. thectrlkey


    I havent. there is one at the college here but it's like $900 so idk if I'll bother. i have friends who ride so I'll prob just get them to show me the ropes and learn as i go slowly
  4. thectrlkey


    they just called me on saturday saying they are gonna offer me a better deal and that they'd call on Monday. I was working tho and they left a voicemail and I havent called them back yet so idk what their new deal is. gonna go for it if it's good tho
  5. thectrlkey


    what did u say here
  6. srry not accepted
  7. that looks like bubbles when he was just a little guy