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  1. StacheQuester Supported Quests: Cook's assistant Sheap shearer Romeo & Juliet. Tutorial Island Tutorial Island + 7 QP 7 QuestPoint (does the 3 quests) How to start? Be in front of lumbridge castle. The bot collects all the required items for the quests itself. Script is tested in fixed mode. The script will check if it has the proper inventory space/items. It will bank its inventory. Use the 7QP to bypass the 24h playtime restriction on certain items. The bot will complete the 3 quests in +- 32minuts. To-do: - support more quests. - GUI - .... Got an issue/bug? Please let me know and use this form so i can quickly fix it. - Current quest: - Location / building (Also what floor): - Inventory items: - What's supposed to happen: Script in SDN!