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  1. Christmas Special: First three people to post a proggy of them getting a visage and a time of > 8 hours gets 3m each 🙂 First five people to post a proggy of them running the script for > 12 hours gets 1m each 🙂 Description: Kills Skeletal Wyverns Location: Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Requirements: High combat stats 80+ Attack,Defense,Strength In your house all doors must be open this is a house setting! 47 Construction for glory teleport BE SURE THAT THE LOCATION OF THE GLORY IS VERY CLOSE TO THE HOUSE PORTAL THIS IS A MUST!!!!! House in Rimmington Teleport Tablets Melee Support Only ATM Profit: Depends on level(I get around 800k-1.2m at 90+ Attack,Defense,Strength ) Food Support: Monkfish, Shark, Lobster ( will pick up lobster and eat), Swordfish, Potato with Cheese Bank Support: Make sure you have enough teleport tablets and food in your bank Potion Support: Supports Super Combat (1) will drink the combat potion and drop the vial Equipment Support: Teleport Tablets Other Recommendations: N/A Fail Safe Support: Has failsafe features if something goes wrong. Instructions: Have house in Rimmington (Doors in the house OPEN and glory near the portal!!!! These two are a must if you want to use this script) Have teleport tablets in your bank or this script will not run Have enough food or the script will not run Start script in edgeville with nothing but your equipment on Enjoy and report bugs if they exist Starting Location: - Any bank with empty inventory Starting Inventory: - Have nothing in your Inventory and your gear already equipped. Sample Equipment: Progress Pictures:
  2. Anyone got some good advice to what items I should bring to college? Thanks, Noobienoobie123