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  1. Dbuffed

    Buying 800-1b

    $0.62 can sell all. I'm on coinbase, so preferred to have that, Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490
  2. Sure, contact me on discord to sort it. Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490 unique ID.
  3. 15gp/xp at caged ogres (biohazard needed)
  4. Hello there, 100gp/xp before 48, 70gp/xp - Please note, you would only be paying for EXP.
  5. Lol don't sell gold if you don't want to risk the bans.

  6. Hi there, 20gp/xp crabs or 15gp/xp cannon, strength would be 20gp/xp though. If taking via PP, would need to be raw balance.
  7. Hi, can do for 20gp/xp.
  8. Bump, remember to take advantage of our summer sale on infernos got 1 spot for 275M after that 300M minimum!