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  1. Dbuffed


    He isn't dead, just banned.
  2. Whatever you say buddy. Don't you have to go inject yourself and then come back here once a year like it's your birthday? Please, don't talk when you're a nobody.
  3. Dbuffed

    New car who dis?

    Personally I like range rovers.
  4. Correct, and as @RSGM Sales can confirm I have sold plenty of gold in the past (bills) without any issues too.
  5. Sorry market king, I don’t trade here anymore really. So quite clearly my income comes from something not RuneScape based. Thanks as usual for stating the obvious that you’re poor and have no clue what you’re on about.
  6. Yet you ask us to have your approval on things, when you cant do it yourself? What kind of pussy are you, thanks for letting us know you're a scrounge.
  7. Rip, that's not good. We need to upgrade with all these sponsor ranks and such. I remember it was a suggestion and someone got it printed a while back?
  8. What happened to the t-shirts?
  9. For you to deal with @RSGM Sales or are you scared?
  10. Still waiting, @Arctic Cat and before you play the "I don't come on much" yes you do.
  11. Because you have no clue what and who you're replying to, you retarded cunt. Unless i'm making money from replying to you, you ain't getting my time. Or when he would beat me up lmao. Not forgetting i'm in the same city as him.
  12. To be fair, I invest in a lot of stuff, and run a lot of shit and i'm from the UK.