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  1. Dbuffed

    lol that's right

    Don't worry, I clicked on about 2 weeks after it all too.
  2. Lmfao on a serious note if you're banned for scamming.

    Talks a big game about money but if you're scamming $250, quite clearly nothing special.

  3. Dbuffed

    lol that's right

    Possibly gonna get banned for scamming? XD, what happened to all these "rich people"
  4. Dbuffed


    Hello there, Dbuffed Services Ltd can assist you here The quest will range from 20-25M (can cost more if you don't have items and such) Dbuffed#0067 (345893819348287490 unique ID) to talk further about your request.
  5. Being bored over rides all.
  6. No you're not, it's a mirror image because of the bum fingers.
  7. I like beef (well steak) so that would be a waste, bored as I don't log on this any more.
  8. Shame she doesn't travel isn't it. I heard grandmothers are ripe for the picking.
  9. Are you going to finger bum holes again?