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  1. Hi there, welcome to Dbuffed Services. PLEASE NOTE - You are paying for EXP and not drops/supplies but can be added for extra. Payment Methods - PayPal balance (no cards/bank) Bitcoin/other cryptos - ETH/LTC/XRP Skrill balance (similar to PayPal) - More can be done past what is offered here, just ask via pm/discord/skype 🙂 Order Form - What do you need? : Payment method? : Going first or middleman? : What's your Skype/Discord ID? : Do you agree to my TOS? : Combat : Sand crabs - 20gp/xp Ominite crabs - 17gp/xp (We can also complete bone voyage for an additional charge) Chinning/bursting - Monkey Madness 1 - 18gp/xp Monkey Madness 2 - 12gp/xp (We can also do the quest unlocks for an additional charge) Nightmare Zone : Prayer potion - 10gp/xp Absorb potion - 15gp/xp (Each order comes with 1M points at the end if ordering to 99) Magic : Splashing - 8gp/xp Teleporting - 20gp/xp High alchemy - 25gp/xp String Jewellery - 10gp/xp Bake pie - 20gp/xp humidify - 15gp/xp Tan leather - 30gp/xp Superglass - 25gp/xp Runecrafting : 1-23 190gp/xp 23-50 - 120gp/xp (lavas) 50-75 - 100gp/xp (lavas/zmi) 75-99 - 80gp/xp (must have magic imbue) 77-99 - 50gp/xp (zeah) Agility : 1-60 -130gp/xp (10+ is rooftops/48+ is wildy) 60-90 - 85gp/xp (no teleport) 60-90 - 70gp/xp (with teleport) 90-99 - 55gp/xp (marks of grace can be added for 70k per) Hunter : 1-59 - 150gp/xp (any type) 59-67 - 100gp/xp (red sallys) 67-80 - 70gp/xp (black sallys) 80-99 - 45gp/xp (any method) Farming : 1-45 - 90gp/xp (trees/allotment) 45-99 - 55gp/xp (tree/fruit tree) (can also add herb runs for more exp/less money loss) Mining : 1-60 - 130gp/xp (power mining) 60-99 - 85gp/xp (power mining) 31-72 - 80gp/xp (motherlode mines) 72-99 - 50gp/xp (motherlode mines upstairs) (Prospector can be added for 12M & coal/gem bags for 6M) Fishing : 1-48 - 110gp/xp (powerfish) 48-70 - 60gp/xp (barb fishing) 70-99 - 30gp/xp (barb fishing) (We can also complete fishing trawler for anglers outfit) Woodcutting : 1-61 - 65gp/xp 61-90 - 45gp/xp 90-99 25gp/xp (We can also complete temple trekking for lumberjack outfit) Cooking : 1-99 - 13gp/xp (fish, preferably with cooking gauntlets) 35-99 - 20gp/xp (wines, bankstanding) Fletching : 1-55 - 50gp/xp (any type) 55-99 20gp/xp (darts) Firemaking : 1-50 - 90gp/xp 50-99 35gp/xp (logs) 50-99 15gp/xp (wintertodt) Crafting : 1-54 - 55gp/xp (any method) 54-99 - 20gp/xp (battlestaves) 84-99 - 15gp/xp (black dhide bodies) - We can also do it at other methods at other costs. Smithing : 1-40 - 70gp/xp 40-99 - 25gp/xp (blast furance with gauntlets) 40-99 - 45gp/xp (best platebodies) 40-99 50gp/xp (darts/knives) (Can also do the knights sword for 1-29/30 smithing) Herblore : 1-45 - 50gp/xp (any potions) 45-99 - 20gp/xp (best potions possible) Optional - Herb cleaning 60gp/xp Construction : 1-33 - 75gp/xp (any type) 33-52 - 35gp/xp (oak larders) 52-99 - 17gp/xp (mahogany tables) 73-99 -- 23gp/xp (oak doors) Thieving : 1-55 - 200gp/xp (any method) 55-99 - 75gp/xp (blackjacking) 55-99 - 55gp/xp (ardy knights) (We can also complete rogues den for rogues outfit) Prayer : Gilded alter - 18gp/xp Wildy alter - 35gp/xp (can also do ensouled heads at request but varies in price) Slayer : 1-50 - 250gp/xp (must have cannon) 1-50 450gp/xp (no cannon) 50-99 - 100gp/xp (burst/cannon) 50-99 230gp/xp (no burst/cannon) 70/70/70 melees minimum requirement, prices can be subjected to change otherwise. Quests - Free To Play - Cook's Assistant - 400K Demon Slayer - 1.2M The Restless Ghost- 500K Romeo & Juliet - 700K Sheep Shearer - 400K Shield of Arrav - 1.5M Ernest the Chicken - 1.6M Vampire Slayer - 1M Imp Catcher - 500K Prince Ali Rescue - 900K Doric's Quest - 400K Black Knights' Fortress - 900K Witch's Potion - 600K The Knight's Sword - 1M Goblin Diplomacy - 500K Pirate's Treasure - 1M Dragon Slayer - 2M Rune Mysteries - 800K Misthalin Mystery - 1.2M The Corsair Curse - 1.1M X Marks the Spot - 700K Pay To Play - A Soul's Bane - 2.1M A Tail of Two Cats - 3M A Taste of Hope - 6.2M Animal Magnetism - 2.3M Animal Magnetism + Tokens - 2.5M Another Slice of H.A.M. - 2.9M Between a Rock... - 3M Big Chompy Bird Hunting - 1.7M Biohazard - 1.7M Bone Voyage - 3M Bone Voyage + 100 Kudos - 4M Cabin Fever - 3.5M Client of Kourend - 2.3M Clock Tower - 1.2M Cold War - 3.6M Contact! - 4.5M Creature of Fenkenstrain - 2.5M Darkness of Hallowvale - 9.5M Death Plateau - 1M Death to the Dorgeshuun - 2.5M Desert Treasure 43+ Prayer - 7M Desert Treasure 1 Prayer - 23-30M (varies on stats) Devious Minds - 4M Dragon Slayer II - 20M Dragon Slayer II (Low CB) - 25-30M Dream Mentor - 4.5M Druidic Ritual - 800K Dwarf Cannon - 1M Eadgar's Ruse 3.5M Eagles' Peak - 2M Elemental Workshop I - 1M Elemental Workshop II - 1.5M Enakhra's Lament - 3M Enlightened Journey - 3.5M Enlightened Journey + Unlocks - 7M Fairytale I - Growing Pains - 2.5M Fairytale II - Cure a Queen - 2M Family Crest - 2M Fight Arena - 750K Fishing Contest - 500K Forgettable Tale... - 5M Garden of Tranquillity - 6.5M Gertrude's Cat - 1M Ghosts Ahoy - 2.9M Ghosts Ahoy + Tokens - 3.2M Grim Tales - 3.5M Haunted Mine - 4M Hazeel Cult - 1.3M Heroes' Quest - 3.5M Holy Grail - 1.7M Horror from the Deep - 2M Horror from the Deep + BarCrawl - 3.5M Icthlarin's Little Helper - 3.5M In Aid of the Myreque - 5.5M In Search of the Myreque - 3M Jungle Potion - 1M King's Ransom - 3.5M King's Ransom + Minigame - 6M Legends' Quest - 7.5M Lost City - 750K Lunar Diplomacy - 6.5M Making Friends with My Arm - 5M Making History - 2M Merlin's Crystal - 1M Monkey Madness I 43+ Prayer - 5M Monkey Madness I 1 Prayer - 10M Monkey Madness II (High CB) - 20M Monkey Madness II (Low CB) - 25-30M Monk's Friend - 750K Mountain Daughter - 1.8M Mourning's Ends Part I - 6.5M Mourning's Ends Part II 70 Agil+ - 10M Mourning's Ends Part II Less than 70 - 18M Murder Mystery - 1.2M My Arm's Big Adventure - 2.5M My Arm's Big Adventure + Favour - 5M Nature Spirit - 1.3M Observatory Quest - 1.8M Olaf's Quest - 2.5M One Small Favour - 7.5M Plague City - 750K Priest in Peril - 1M Rag and Bone Man - 3M Rag and Bone Man II - 10M Ratcatchers (Kitten) - 9M Ratcatchers (Cat) - 5M Recipe for Disaster/Another Cook's Quest - 500K Recipe for Disaster/Defeating the Culinaromancer - 3.5M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave (Kitten) - 9M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Evil Dave (Cat) - 3M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing King Awowogei - 4M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing King Awowogei + x4 Greegree - 5M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete - 1M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Sir Amik Varze - 2.5M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - 1.9M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Goblin generals - 1M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - 1M Recipe for Disaster/Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - 1.2M Recruitment Drive - 1.5M Regicide 60+ Agil - 6M Regicide (Low Agil) - 10M Roving Elves - 2.5M Royal Trouble - 2.5M Rum Deal - 2M Scorpion Catcher - 2M Scorpion Catcher + Barcrawl - 3M Sea Slug - 750K Shades of Mort'ton - 4M Shadow of the Storm - 2M Sheep Herder - 2M Shilo Village - 2.5M Spirits of the Elid - 2.5M Swan Song - 4.5M Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 3M Tale of the Righteous - 2.2M Tears of Guthix - 1M Temple of Ikov - 2M The Ascent of Arceuus - 1.5M The Depths of Despair - 1.5M The Dig Site - 2.5M The Eyes of Glouphrie - 4M The Feud - 2.8M The Forsaken Tower - 2.3M The Fremennik Isles - 4.2M The Fremennik Trials - 3.6M The Fremennik Exiles - 5.5M The Giant Dwarf - 2.8M The Golem - 1M The Grand Tree - 1.2M The Great Brain Robbery - 2.5M The Hand in the Sand - 3M The Lost Tribe - 1.5M The Queen of Thieves - 1.5M The Slug Menace - 3M The Tourist Trap - 2.8M Throne of Miscellania - 2.5M Tower of Life - 2M Tree Gnome Village - 1M Tribal Totem - 1.5M Troll Romance - 1.9M Troll Stronghold - 1.8M Underground Pass (60+ Agil) - 5M Underground Pass - Low Agil - 10M Wanted! - 2.7M Watchtower - 5M Waterfall Quest - 1.5M What Lies Below - 2M Witch's House - 1M Zogre Flesh Eaters - 3M 1) You will provide any and all supplies required for the service, unless stated otherwise. (any "possible" loss due to that nature is your responsibility due to being told to remove) 2) When ordering with Dbuffed Services you must agree to remove any unrelated wealth off the account. 3) You will pay up front, or use a agreed upon middleman at your own expense. 4) We have the right to decline/refund/cancel an order with an appropriate refund at any point. 5) Any bans/muted before/whilst/after your service are not our responsibility. (We only use **buddy/Runelite, you are free to request screenshots at any point/after the service) 6) You will not log on to the service account(s) unless given permission otherwise. 7) Failure to follow the above terms can result in your service being terminated with no refund. 😎 All payments are conducted via a ticket in our discord server, via an manager/owner. 9) We are not responsible for any possible deaths on accounts such as HCIM etc. (This is due to possible disconnections/bugs and such with the game servers) 10) If we are unable to complete a service, a refund for the remaining will be issued.
  2. Imagine being a csgo booster when you could do RS.
  3. I own a few businesses, my Runescape marketing isn't exactly what you would class real life as it's all internet and reality based. I can call it whatever I like.
  4. I'm not you so I don't need food stamps thanks, I just as happily buy my own food. And you quite clearly don't know much, if you did you would use a brain cell to understand logics of math and time which apparently you have yet to. I'm gonna stop responding to you, because truly you are thick as shit and I don't think I can handle talking to someone so retarded stupid.
  5. I never knew we're still 12 lmao, you must not be able to count still. I mean I did have to help you understand birthday years after all. And yes, I cannot barley grain anything, no such thing. And you're right, it isn't crazy serious but serious enough that I can die any time as can anyone else literally, must more time isn't on my side but hey I still look forward to each day as I did before and don't allow it to slow down my progression in life. I did discuss having a leg cut though, not that it would be much of a difference if I did or didn't, it's a shame you haven't got shot in the face yet but you don't see us complain. I guess though, this is just karma taking it's time because little wrong people like you don't deserve a place in the world, you bring no benefit to your family or contribute to the help constructing the world.
  6. Dbuffed

    sup hoes

    Stop, just because I haven't had sex with you yet. I stopped debating it because @Arctic Cat wanted a peek.
  7. Dbuffed

    sup hoes

    Apparently your fake queer self cares what I have to say enough to reply, I never knew time has an impact on how cleaning yourself works, too much of a dumb fuck to notice that? Lmao. It would be drive* not scoot, that makes no sense, i'm also not an old pensioner so that would be completely stupid to do and also illegal if not mistaken. I do have a daughter you're right, well done buddy, the same as your parents had you, a very strangely identified son, maybe if they paid some attention to you, you wouldn't have been such a bad hot topic for the forums ^_^ Then again, you do understand mobiles work a treat in situations like this right? I can simply post, see you cry laugh and move on. Then again you mentioned Mason right?, You're worse than him lmao. Also you understand, you posted on a public forum of which we're allowed to post on? How ironic. And yes, you're one of the few people on my ignore list you should feel honoured.
  8. Who is to say it's not real? You're that much of a dumb cunt you don't understand things can be monitored? Lol.. And you understand we used to get paid to post right? (before they changed their rules on signatures and such) A market brand, well done.
  9. I don't need to lie about facts. I have a lovely home, a lovely life to revolve around and yet you have sit here for 2.2k posts literally just shit talking anything you can to try gather attention from users of the forum. I'm glad you're trying to sell accounts you have made a while ago though, that's great to hear. I wouldn't quite say this thread of clear sarcasm is "attention seeking", seems mummy and daddy didn't teach you too well.
  10. For a living? When did I last touch a real service, and yet i'm still living very comfortable and happy? You must have me confused with the shitty accounts you try to sell and cant.
  11. Something happened in paris apparently.
  12. Dbuffed

    sup hoes

    Thank god for ignore list.
  13. Noobs keep noobing.