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  1. Ben

    just sniped this domain

    they probably have grounds to sue for use of copyright, you might even go to jail
  2. Even America has been waking up to it, I think Hawaii banned them recently too. I think its because RS players are so hopelessly addicted more than most other gamers so you're more likely to find instances where the self control is embarassingly horrible. Some retard racked up $50k in debt which set it all off
  3. There is always so much drama coming into runefest
  4. Also Pips response in parliament was based as fuck, dude doesn't give a shiiiiiiiit, he knows he's lying through his teeth
  5. Their statement Don't you like not have a functioning Parliament anyway so the moral panic from this BBC article is probably irrelevant when you can actually legislate in 5 years after Brexit goes through
  6. Attentional bias because you wanted to say what you wanted to say after seeing thread title and OP which caused you to miss me and rob dogs tag team
  7. Ben

    sell me OS GP

    Yeah you got merched hard its like 1:6
  8. Ben

    sell me OS GP

    You got fucked lmao
  9. so why are you getting your balls chopped off