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  1. its heavy stuff not exactly an easy watch
  2. The last 3 episodes air on the 30th so that might work out, it could be hard to binge watch it though hard enough week to week
  3. Ben


    heyyyyyy sexy lady
  4. Ben

    yellow or red

    If you can't decide just go half and half
  5. ur iq went under the threshold for having such a bad script on the store so they removed it
  6. yoshiki even edited the thread he dont give a fuck damn pokemon man
  7. Can't you just not pay it then they just impound it
  8. I thought they already banned carrying knives
  9. Ben

    sup hoes

    Found jamal
  10. That was such a good read lmao Dumbass executive, not following company procedure fucks up and highly skilled illustrator finds out how much more money this dumbass was getting paid. They make fun of him a little, and Osborne fires him. Now everything is out in the public and Jagex is a further laughing stock because of it. This also confirms the fact that developers get paid far less than they should have too, all around top keks