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  1. Hi all, Time to sell off one of my accounts, the account comes with Graceful,no boots - Void melee, no gloves - FireCape - Barrows gloves - Regicide quest for Zulrah - access to fairy rings - Slayer helm and has Rune Pouch. Has the potion preserve prayer unlocked and ready for Vigour to be unlocked. RS3 stats below, account has a ton of lucky items including lucky chaotic cbow - bandos etc. Has SS/99 prayer A/W 200m osrs - open to offers! C/B - Message me either on here or Discord - Kish#6344
  2. PC gaming, why get a console? most games come on pc - and you can use a controller fi you so wish to.
  3. Looking to sell off a spare account, no use for it, just want to see what it would be worth. Note that this is 1 account with both RS3 and 07 it has both 07 and RS3 account linked, 07 it has Barrows gloves,Fire Cape, Void melee ( No gloves), Graceful parts, just missing boots if i remember correctly. Account can also do Zulrah with decent gear. 07 Stats - RS3 - account has done a lot of pvming, 105+ QP - has a lot of lucky items, lots of loyalty points saved up. Looking to see how much i could get for it 07 gp.
  4. bruuni

    New car who dis?

    Decent looking cars tbh, shame they don't drive so nice and spend most the time in a garage.. was actually looking at getting the velar, then i came across the S3 and fell in love..
  5. is it 5m max? also any other payment methods?
  6. bruuni

    Dragon Slayer II

    @MW3LOVE highly recommend this dude, knocked out b gloves Quick AF!
  7. If people don't want to look into it then it's their problem, i've bought easily 1b+ off @RSGM Sales he's one of the cheapest and reliable sites.
  8. Hi Guys, Selling my pure, no longer enjoy it and have no need for it @chuckle is OO of the account and this can be confirmed. Account has Mith gloves, Ava's, DT, MM and Firecape - Also has 3 graceful pieces and Angler hat and Easy ardy diary complete for cape. Stats of the account - A/W 120m Accepting offers - Bruuni.