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  1. RoomScape left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Verified Middle Man
    I was the VMM for his trade!

    imViiZ was The Seller

  2. Bolinger82 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Rs3 Account
    Great seller. Fast transfer and communication was great!

    imViiZ was The Seller

  3. No Lifer left Positive feedback   

    Ordered a service. Fast trading with no issues thanks.

    imViiZ was Trading

  4. Liam left Positive feedback   

    Middlemanned his trade : 8.5M for Dung Tokens :)

    imViiZ was Trading

  5. Satix left Positive feedback   

    Got me 400k+ DG exp. with account access, very trustworthy and kind guy

    imViiZ was The Seller

  6. Aparia left Positive feedback   

    Finished several quests for him, very nice guy!

    imViiZ was Trading