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  1. I paid off the phone but Swappa still thinks it's financed. Swappa used T-Mobiles site to check this. T-Mobile said that the financed status will go away after the next billing cycle which is 3 weeks away. I don't want to wait that long so I'm selling it cheap. I put my simcard in the phone and it works perfectly.
  2. Overall cosmetic condition: Mint Battery health percentage: 100% Phone condition: No signs of use There are no scratches on the screen and no marks on the housing. This phone is in MINT condition. Battery health is at 100%! There are absolutely no signs of use! Works with T-Mobile!
  3. I know that's a low price but I'm just trying to get rid of it. If you're interested let me know below. I will not sell to the following people: @Yellow Hat because he has no money @Roba because he fucked my girlfriend @Yellow Hat because he has no money
  4. Haram

    @Bitcoin Faggots

    okay faggot
  5. Haram

    @Bitcoin Faggots

    Buying Bitcoin. Hook it up. Staff don't delete this thread I know it's not market. This site is dead anyways and this is the only section that actually gets attention.
  6. You're the first new user I've seen that actually makes quality posts. Most of them write anything just to increase their post count.