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  1. For real. It's inconvenient as fuck but I understand why he's doing it I suppose. He told me to go get laid.
  2. Fucking hell do something
  3. That's what I usually do but the seller wants the funds to come from my Paypal balance, not my bank balance in order to avoid chargebacks. Even if you send a payment as friends and family, you can chargeback by calling your bank.
  4. Transferring funds from my bank to Paypal takes 3-5 days and I'm not trying to wait that long. The transfer is expected to finish on January 7th. Let me know if you want to be scammed you can help. Thanks.
  5. Haram

    @Android Nerdz

    Tell him to log back into Discord
  6. Haram

    @Android Nerdz

    Downloading the data Google has on me using this link because you got me curious. I wonder what they really have on me. EDIT: YOOOO wtf is this bullshit: Where it all went downhill: They also have so much other shit I'm not even going to get into. Lmaooo that's crazy
  7. Haram

    @Android Nerdz

    You use an iPhone? 🤢
  8. Haram

    @Android Nerdz

    Is there a way to block certain apps from working unless you're connected to a VPN? I don't want certain apps opening unless I'm connected to a VPN. I can't find a solution for this. Thanks.