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  1. Need someone who can play daily to create an account for me with the required stats: 99 Attack Strength, Defence, Range and Magic. All other stats to 70 excluding Slayer, Farming, Prayer and Herblore which I would like taking to 50. How these stats are achieved I don’t mind as long as they’re NOT botted. Also assuming a lot of questing is also going to be needed to be done include that in your quote prices please. Other requirements are: Achievement diaries (however many can be competed with the stats I have asked for) Angler, Pyro, Prospector, Farmers, Graceful & Lumber Jack outfits are needed. I will supply the gold for the supplies etc. Due to the size and potential cost that this order will be I will only be paying in increments. I expect to be given regular updates in regards to the account. Serious enquiries only, this order will take a long time probably so please don’t waste my time. Add my discord: CaptainBrexit#4222
  2. Looking for a quote to get a brand new account to level 80 in all stats, potentially will need some higher than 80 but will discuss that more in detail on discord. serious enquiries only, for obvious reasons won’t be accepting offers from people with no feedback. Please add my discord CaptainBrexit#4222
  3. Need some things doing: Full Graceful Outfit 47-53 Thieving 65-70 Magic 37-60 Mining 51-61 Woodcutting 43-61 Crafting Desert Treasure Lunar Diplomacy must be done by hand not botted, won’t consider offers from people who have virtually no feedback. add my discord: CaptainBrexit#4222
  4. Need the following doing: Fighter Torso Agility 33-40 Fletching 8-25 Woodcutting 36-40 Fremennik Isles Fremennik Trials Also need Attack 50-60 Strength 50-60 Defence 52-60 Range 41-60 Magic 37-55 hmu with prices or add me on discord CaptainBrexit#4222 Not accepting services from people with none - little reputation