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  1. therealginger left Positive feedback   

    this guy is litterally AMAZING we are friends now i bought his zerker acc and im in love with the deal the acc and everything! it took a while to purchase but was well worth it! no problems what so ever its also been about 2 weeks now :)

    G4ng was The Seller

  2. Inver left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account off him, went extremely smooth. Chill AF dude.

    G4ng was The Seller

  3. bigkill12 left Positive feedback   

    great guy to work with, honest as they come. he takes a step farther then most would to make sure you are satisfied! would do business with him again in the near future

    G4ng was The Seller

  4. joocool84 left Positive feedback   

    Helped me with dt, thxx

    G4ng was The Seller

  5. Sober Life left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy! I paid first again for a service and it went all smooth

    G4ng was The Seller

  6. Sober Life left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy! did couple quests for me and I paid first - trusted user

    G4ng was The Seller

  7. 6IX9INE left Positive feedback   

    sold him 07 at www.guccigold.com Tyvm sir :)

    G4ng was Trading

  8. zScorpio left Positive feedback   

    Bought 2 bonds from me, smooth BTC trade - A+

    G4ng was Trading

  9. Jimsky88 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 700m osrs gold from him, he first, nice guy, thank you

    G4ng was The Seller

  10. noblelord10 left Positive feedback   

    Bought pure, easy quick and cheap, thanks! A+++

    G4ng was The Seller

  11. Roba left Positive feedback   

    finished a void set + extra helm, sweet guy. thanks

    G4ng was Trading

  12. Ignited My Clone left Positive feedback   

    Sold 52m OSRS via BTC. Quick and easy guy to work with, thanks. :)

    G4ng was Trading

  13. qtongeren left Positive feedback   

    Did some sexy mining and wcing for me! Very fast! Will order again!!

    G4ng was The Seller

  14. lookas left Positive feedback   

    Did 61 crafting and did Lunar Diplomacy for me. Hella Fast and good rates.

    G4ng was The Seller

  15. Albaniangansta left Positive feedback   

    completed multiple tests for me, got me dragon defender(s), and did fire cape for me! amazing guy

    G4ng was The Seller

  16. Dougie Moke left Positive feedback   

    Completed questing/leveling services for me. Good guy. Would absolutely recommend.

    G4ng was The Seller

  17. Ice left Positive feedback   

    Did some melee training and a couple quests for me yet again, most efficient and best there is! :)

    G4ng was The Seller

  18. lookas left Positive feedback   

    Did legend's quest for me! thank you!

    G4ng was The Seller

  19. finger0blast left Positive feedback   

    G4ng amazing service as always

    G4ng was The Seller

  20. MCBathie left Positive feedback   

    Did a quest service for me completed it fast, nice guy 10/10 would use again!

    G4ng was The Seller

  21. lookas left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy! I bought 26m from him and i went first

    G4ng was The Seller

  22. meojs left Positive feedback   

    very good person. did 1 zulrah kill for me with my junk stats, and junk gear. very trusted person

    G4ng was The Seller

  23. joocool84 left Positive feedback   

    Trained me 50-75 range and 71-80 magic, very chill guy, A+++++

    G4ng was The Seller

  24. Mr Barrows left Positive feedback   

    Done 51-70 strength on my obby tank account, took 2 days - Extremely good service, will use again.

    G4ng was The Seller

  25. finger0blast left Positive feedback   

    G4ng is badass, Best prices in powerbot. Very trusted, trusted him with my bank. Amazing!

    G4ng was The Seller