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  1. Hey, so I'm selling an account I do not wish to continue working on as life has resumed and I'm overall better without too many accounts. You should know I am a reliable seller of accounts, I have sold well over 10 accounts, some maxed in the past years mainly here on powerbot. This is a great starter, it's not far off being fully quested/ pk ready. Well worth your investment if you don't have time to play. Please do not waste your time and lowball me, I know what value this account is worth. Stats: Quest points: Untradeables: Ban history/offenses: Offers start @ 150M 07 Auto win: 200M 07 / equivalent in BTC You may contact me on discord: PrisM#6376 Unique ID: 269274988002017290
  2. G4ng's Services: You may contact me only on DISCORD: PrisM#6376 Unique discord ID: 269274988002017290 Make sure to confirm you are speaking with me before we trade [Through a private message here]. Introducing myself: Hello everyone, today I come back to powerbot forums to offer you my services. It's been a while but I am trying to integrate back into OSRS to make some extra buck on the side while I pursue a masters degree. Anyways, I will be doing OSRS services when I have time, for customers seeking quick & efficient work done on their accounts. Services I provide: Untradeables: I can do almost all untradeables: Fire capes(Depends on stats) , Torsos, defenders, void too. Skills/ Powerleveling: I'll do most skills -Hand done(unless stated otherwise)- with an exception to some skills (Runecrafting) Doing exceptionally some quests / Untradeables if I have time. Questing: I can do all quests, depending on your skills at the time of requesting the quests to be done. Prices: Prices will be set competitively & may be up for negotiation on certain quotes. ToS: Terms of Services: 1) You may not log in to the account at any time during the service unless I allow so. 2) Payments will be paid first before beginning the service. 3) I will not be responsible for any losses if you contact an imposter. 4) I won't be liable for any bans/mutes that occur during the service. Order / Request Form: