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  1. for OSGP lmk what you got. not looking for super expensive skins ~
  2. What am i going to offer? I will be offering 100% legit service for those who need defenders or void. Offer Nightmare Zone training for accounts Can also custom make main accounts with nightmare zone Now offers Slayer tasks & Powerlevel This will be charge per task depending on slayer level and combat level. Price : NMZ Can discussed on skype Void House Favours Ironman Services (Gathering supplies such as monkfish or logs) Slayer Tasks Barrow Chest ~ Even on Ironmans !! OFFER SOME QUESTING PACKAGES LIKE MONKEY BUSINESSS OFFER CUSTOM MAKE ACCOUNTS HOW DOES THIS WORK? YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ON THE ACCOUNT EXAMPLE: 60 ATTACK 90 STRENGTH 60 DEF WE WILL AGREE ON A PRICE AND I WILL MAKE YOU THE ACCOUNT. Price: We will discuss it on Skype after you pm me your Skype. Supplies: You must provide all the supplies required for defender. Order Form: What do you need: Do you agree to TOS: Have you PM me your skype? Terms Of Service 1.I am not responsible for any bans during/after the service. 2.I have the right to decline any orders. 3.You must not change password and must not login during the service 4.You should move gold to another account before the service. 5.We never go first to anyone. 6.You must change password after we done with the service . Payment Method: OSGP / BitCoins / CsGoskins