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    Script does really well. Unfortunately so far maxes out about 180-200 chins per hour at 81 hunter. Doesn't lay boxes in typical X pattern, but more of a box with an extra one on the side if that makes sense. Would really improve and lessen the banrate if it shot the chin's as well but its free so thank you anyway!
  2. ThankYer

    MasterHunter OS

    Script does fine as of today's date, no complaint's with it whatsoever other than the fact it doesnt lay 5 traps passed 80 hunter. Yes i'm aware it's not being maintained just providing update.
  3. Script does not work. Will not even make it inside the altar
  4. Bot is not currently working. Will teleport to the duel arena and run to the fire altar, but will not enter or craft runes. Just repeatedly runs around the altar. Please either fix or remove this so people don't get inevitably banned then complain about your script