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  1. i paid like 200$ for that
  2. How to unban your OSRS account All of you have probably thought at some point in your life "What if I just bot the boring skills, and enjoy the actual content?", and sure enough many of you have tried this. Some have succeeded, and some... got a painful lesson. But what if I told you, that you can get your old banned accounts back very easily? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's completely free and takes several minutes of effort! How does it work? All of you have probably noticed that customer support at "Jagex" basically doesn't exist, so how could you possibly unban your account? Well, sometimes the lack of something is exactly what you need for it to work. We have tested tons of accounts with false bans, accounts that have actually botted and so on, and the unban rates were completely identical which is why we came to the conclusion that the system is fully automated, and no one actually checks if you have botted, but we found something quite interesting, which is that that the whole ban appealing process is based only on 2 variables. 1. What have you been banned for? 2. How long ago were you banned, the older the ban the higher the success rate. From our tests, we noticed that it works only for botting bans that are at least 2-3 years or older. How do I appeal a ban? The first step would be trying to log in to Runescape's website and click on "Can't log in?" After you have done that click on "I am having other problems logging in" After doing so you will see loads of articles where you will have to find the one about "Account Bans". After you open up the article scroll down to the bottom until you see "APPEAL A BAN" button You can click "APPEAL A BAN" button and fill out everything yourself, or continue using our step-by-step guide at How to unban your OSRS account using the options we researched to work the best!
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