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  1. Ye i remember well being called sketchy/scammer by u or ur gay ass friend years ago, don't remember what it was exactly but it was a big meme between my mates
  2. Could you be able to do Jad oNly for me? regular fcape, comb 121 so i have no problems getting it done

  3. hey I am trying to get in contact with some one in the forum that knows that game real well.

  4. or he knows his "friend" is a bitch and wont do shit so he decided to abuse him to fuel his addiction
  5. He has officially presented his dominance over you, the only way to establish yourself again is to beat him up and piss on him
  6. Yo g if you wanna troll take it to the link i posted , trying to host a give away , thank you.



    1. Yellow Hat

      Yellow Hat

      P.S that @Alva kid has nothing on my FB or who I am so stop comparing me to a fucking peasant. Atleast compare me to someone who moved weight that scamquit ^.^

    2. Tigeris


      ok mr alva

    3. Yellow Hat

      Yellow Hat

      REEE choose a better scammer that fucker only sold gold xDDD



      Give me options to choose from hahahaha ❤️



  7. Tigeris

    Selling def tanks

    Stats: pm with offers got several of these, willing to let go cheap if buying a lot
  8. @Alva i mean the old u, ur old retarded self was much more fun to meme
  9. Tigeris

    Yellowhat is Alva

    Literally everything about them matches, except hes trying harder to not fight people using retarded phrases that would destroy him now
  10. They won't unless you make a big fuss about it, there are like 500 reports on them
  11. Welcome to my Infernal Cape service. Currently i'm offering only teamviewer method because it's the safest way for my customers to not get caught. (If you're willing to take the risk other methods are up for discussion). Regions available: Europe Requirements: 75+ def 250m+ for gear Discord: Tigeris#6552 (always make sure the unique id matches) Unique discord id: 286464063670714369 TERMS OF SERVICE: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BANS/LOSSES DURING OR AFTER THE SERVICE!
  12. Selling 90 all combat stats main(COMES WITH CREATION EMAIL!!) All accounts have never been sold before and are hand done with no 3rd world country workers involved to avoid fast bans Price: 250$ (btc/rsgp) Stats: Rules: 1.Once trade is over, no refunds are available under any circumstances unless we agreed otherwise. 2.My only responsibility after the trade is helping you getting the account back if you somehow manage to lose access to it. 3.I'm not going first even if you're jesus. 4.Discounts are only available if you buy it the day they were offered 5.If you don't like any rules stated above you came to the wrong thread.