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  1. Tigeris

    Windows 10 update

    who still uses windows lul
  2. Tigeris


    Don't mind him he just trying to look cool after getting shitted on as alva
  3. I would highly suggest not using PA as their insurance policy is fake and you won't get refunded if anything happens. Would suggest looking into trusted sellers here
  4. Should not care about ur accounts after this kind of trade tbh, just get rid of it as fast as possible and don't trade any randoms
  5. probably killed themselves like all the trannies
  6. best fap i ever had
  7. There is literally 0 interesting things in poland, but at least u can get wasted for 2$
  8. Dw she's not as ugly as dbuffeds wife if that makes you feel better
  9. Your mom is so ugly that when she went to do a dna test to make sure she isn't adopted the doctor asked her if her parents are blind, cuz no1 would choose her ugly ass
  10. U know most of the world has enough rain so u dont need to water a fucking grass
  11. Damn u uk people have 0 taste in everything
  12. Welcome to my Infernal Cape service. Currently i'm offering only teamviewer method because it's the safest way for my customers to not get caught. (If you're willing to take the risk other methods are up for discussion). Regions available: Europe Requirements: 75+ def 250m+ for gear Discord: Tigeris#6552 (always make sure the unique id matches) Unique discord id: 286464063670714369 TERMS OF SERVICE: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BANS/LOSSES DURING OR AFTER THE SERVICE!