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  1. hey man haven't seen you in a while

    1. RoomScape


      I’m still around. No one messages me and I’m busy with life so no time to go out of my way to message people. 

      What’ve you been up to?

  2. KeepBotting

    Black people

    wow that's an old meme
  3. I don't believe Google allows you to run a typical JRE on ChromeOS, you'd likely need to install some GNU/Linux distribution for this to be possible
  4. maybe, but you're the one who's been a mod on powerbot for how many years now?
  5. i'd buy a powerbot logo sticker
  6. I ordered them from Redbubble. I want you to find 10 stickers that are relevant to your interests, and post them here. You don't have to use the same website. Here's mine: