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  1. powerBuddy squad represent
  2. Agreed on the TP-Link hardware. I have the TL-WDR4300 and like it a lot. It's a budget option. A step up would be an Archer C7. Get something that can run OpenWrt. Edit: saw you mention the AC1750, this is the same as an Archer C7. It's a good choice.
  3. oh wow hello there also hello op
  4. KeepBotting

    R8 my setup yeeee

    2/10 runs windows 1/10 please take a screenshot of specs instead of taking a picture of your screen with a camera e: 3/10 for the ryzen i guess
  5. yes, they're decent quality vinyl stickers, the type you could peel up and move if you were careful
  6. I ordered them from Redbubble. I want you to find 10 stickers that are relevant to your interests, and post them here. You don't have to use the same website. Here's mine: