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Arcus's Feedback

  1. plndr left Positive feedback   

    Bought gold from Romero quick and easy

    Arcus was The Seller

  2. Jwoods98 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 67m OSRS went very smooth and fast.

    Arcus was The Seller

  3. swiftman55 left Negative feedback   

    Had them get my account to 48 agility and they got me banned for botting

    Arcus was The Seller

  4. Zoroark left Positive feedback   

    Sold OSRS GP for paypal with no problem. Went first. Would Reccomend to sellers

    Arcus was The Buyer

  5. kuroppoi left Positive feedback   

    Completed firecape in a timely manner, thanks

    Arcus was The Seller

  6. Shepherd99 left Positive feedback   

    Really fast firecape. Will be seeing them in the future

    Arcus was The Seller

  7. prizford left Positive feedback   

    Vouch - Sold them 1500m 07 <3

    Arcus was The Buyer

  8. bruuni left Negative feedback   

    Bought questing service, few hours later they email me to say i'll get a refund due to previous history of chargeback?!?! i have never once done a charge back on anything i've got from them

    Arcus was The Seller

  9. Gorilla left Positive feedback   

    Swapped 10m osrs to rs3 gp. Super fast service!

    Arcus was The Seller

  10. Zoroark left Positive feedback   

    Bought their fire cape service on a main account. Went smooth as hell. No problems and cape was in my inventory when I logged in. Would recommend!

    Arcus was The Seller

  11. plndr left Positive feedback   

    30m purchased fast and easy

    Arcus was The Seller

  12. plndr left Positive feedback   

    25m purchase smooth easy fast

    Arcus was The Seller

  13. plndr left Positive feedback   

    Needed 5m for a bond paid, went talked to there websites chat and the transaction went fast and smooth

    Arcus was The Seller

  14. Abbas Syed left Positive feedback   

    They got me the fire cape! Top people and service!

    Arcus was The Seller

  15. J9R6 left Positive feedback   

    Bought 50m, quick and easy transaction. Thanks arcus!

    Arcus was The Seller

  16. swiftman55 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, super easy super cheap will buy again from :)

    Arcus was The Seller

  17. snille123 left Positive feedback   

    They did my firecape on a 1 def pure. Didn't even have to put gear on it. Great service!!

    Arcus was The Seller

  18. The BOSS left Positive feedback   

    Breno was so helpful with my transaction. He told me every thing I needed to know and walked me through everything A+ employ. This is why I keep coming back to bogla for all my needs. Thank you so much I appreciate the amazing customer service <3

    Arcus was The Seller

  19. J9R6 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    OSRS gold
    Sold him 100m, quick and easy. Thanks arcus!

    Arcus was The Buyer

  20. PatsFan12 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Bought 50m quick and easy

    Arcus was The Seller

  21. D3dly left Positive feedback   

    bought 5m from Lucas again. A++++

    Arcus was The Seller

  22. Sorg left Negative feedback   

    bad live chat, stupid requirements to purchase gold, they sure took their time before i recieved my gold

    Arcus was The Seller

  23. xLambo left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment. Will buy from again - NLamb

    Arcus was The Seller

  24. Crisis left Positive feedback   

    Did fire cape for me :D thanks

    Arcus was The Seller

  25. tmesgnee left Positive feedback   

    thank you zinho, located my order and transfered me :). good trade

    Arcus was The Seller