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    Party time, bitchaaaaaas!!!!!!!
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    Don't listen! It's a trap!
  3. RSGM Sales are scammers

    I don't get what you mean? You're stating to me you're not selling accounts on this forum yet have your website advertised in your signature and you have threads advertising your website. Your point is valid that you don't have the requirements to sell account however so why are u bumping your thread for acckings then?
  4. Good luck, Bus is a fucking annoyance.

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      RSGM Sales

      LOL no comment.

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      If you read my hid post you'll see what I mean.

  5. RSGM Sales are scammers

    How is it an INVALID scam report if the guy who bought an account claims he doesn't own the account anymore? And even Sythe staff claim it's a valid report + it's even been added to your ban reason offsite. Please explain to me how it is invalid so we can move forward with this. Lets sum up what your website is = an easy way for you to make money while you throw product safety for your customer out the window. How is there any insurance towards your customer? Don't give me your TOS bullshit cause we all know no one reads it anyways and if people would read it, they wouldn't buy an account of you. If i would put "i'm allowed to scam you" in my TOS, would that make me any less of a scammer let alone justify me scamming someone? No, it would not. There is NO insurance you can provide while selling RS accounts. The original owner will ALWAYS be able to recover his account. So unless YOU are the original owner (which you are not), you ARE NOT in any rights to claim these accounts are "safe". If you already replace an account (which i doubt u would) there is still the fact of compensating for loss of wealth which you 100% do not do. What do you expect? Someone buys an account and never puts any wealth on it? What if i buy an account of you, put 1B on it and it gets recovered? You're gonna replace the account IF I'M LUCKY but what about my 1B? Oh yeh, i forgot... it's my fault for not reading your TOS, right? Fuck customer satisfaction, they didn't read your TOS. You also (again) keep burrying the original statement under tons of crap that have nothing to do with a report. To name a few : my site grew 40%, i have tons of money, i'm an honest business man, Sythe still loves me but they don't know it yet, etc etc. I have no problem with you being on Powerbot, there are no reports of scamming (as of yet). However i am going to discuss your business practices with the other mods and mainly Chris as your account selling website is just a recipes for disaster.
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    [Selling] 49 CB 70 Range Gmauler
  7. RSGM Sales

    [Selling] 40 accounts all level 3 off Tutorial Island.
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    Life is good.
  9. If you have issues please send us an email with the issue to, i'll do my best to fix it.
  10. RSGM Sales

    Trading OSRS acc for LOL account NA

    You need atleast 25 feedback to sell an account. Closed.
  11. Ok but no trolls, she really a grill
  12. Yes, trading active players (WHO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME) gives u less chance of a ban than trading 2x big increments to a lvl 3, a mid lvl acc that's only used for RWT or a maxed staker that's also only used for RWT. IF by any chance u think you know this better than someone who's been doing this day in, day out since 2014 and has lost more money to bans than you have ever raked together in your life then please, share your wisdom but i'm 110% sure i know more on this subject than you do. I'm also not gonna yap my mouth in your line of work, something that i know you're more experienced in. You've already proven you're quite arrogant so i can see this happen nonetheless. And based in the US / Canada? What does that have to do with IP in game? Mostly they flip it to Won gold or Jimsky for 0.01-0.03 per mill and you're actually trading Won Gold his accounts (Chinese ip). Arcus / Bogla his workers are all from Pakistan, Brazil and Puerto Rico, so where does Arcus his home IP come into play? My business is registered in Europe but once again what does business registration have to do with any of this? You can stop acting like you know something. Yes, you know that YOU haven't been banned while trading Arcus / Bogla and you know that YOU had a great experience selling to them. Well guess what, the world doesn't only involve around you, sunshine. And yes my method is WAY more time consuming (or it used to be) but atleast it's safe and you get more money at the end. And i say "used to be" because even now they still say "sorry not buying" more than they actually accept gold.
  13. Give me 100 bucks and i'll give you her number.
  14. And you sound like a little hater who just jumps ship to suck Arcus his balls and hate on me. They have been instant flipping for over a year now (ever since their gambling site closed down) and our argument was some months ago.