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  1. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    Wow ok.... you caught me.
  2. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    But i like this, it's funny :'(; Ok you be my entertainment tonight then. Say something mean to me and i'll give u a nifty response, ok? OK GO!
  3. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    A business in what? Talking shit over the internet and making useless threads? Yeh i can see you making a good living that way. And the sentence about being a king is a reference / example....? Not something to be taken seriously...? And yes, for some people getting $80 a bill extra is actually worth the time and no that doesn't increase their ban chance if they trade ACTUAL and ACTIVE players (aka my customers) it DECREASES their ban chances. You know what does increase their ban chances? Giving it PER BILLION to lvl 3's or maxed mains which are only used for RWT. THAT will get you banned faster. And if you give me that "'you're wrong, i know this better, blablabla" bs then you're even more thick than i originally thought u were. My sites provide better rates per mill (sometimes BY ALOT) and provide more safety against bans. The only thing you don't get is a quick fix and the ability to dump your bills in 2 minutes. Which isn't actually possible anymore because if u'll tell most sites u have bills u'll get the 'Sorry not buying cause full stock response". So technically u will also be waiting days to sell your gold.... You'll just end up with less money. Or maybe u get lucky and they'll buy it and instant flip it from you but you can get lucky on our sites aswell, we get some 1B+ orders a week...
  4. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    I spend about 2-4 hours behind the PC aday, answering emails and doing basic checks while i'm day trading. I've been in a relationship for 18 months with my current girlfriend and 16 months with my ex... So pretty much i haven't been without a girlfriend for the last 3 years. And tbh i'm only defensive to people who are not near my level of business or near my level in life. I have no problem admitting that people are better than me. Arcus/Bogla and even people like R2 are WAYYYYY above me and do business on another level compared to mine. If people like Arcus, R2 or any other website owner would say my website is shit i would just listen to what they have to say on how i can approve, reflect upon it, screen it and then apply what is needed. You on the otherhand don't know the first thing about doing anything business related and above all are just some internet troll who bashes on anything you can get your hands on out of spite and perhaps jealousy. So excuse me for being defensive towards you, i doubt kings would like it if peasants would tell them how to run their kingdom.....
  5. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    Bro u what :'(. I'm Kaii u weirdo
  6. RSGM Sales


    Calm down, rest in penis.
  7. RSGM Sales

    Coma is a liar

  8. RSGM Sales

    I have a brilliant invention

    Gonna have to ban your for exposing me. Sorry.
  9. RSGM Sales

    I have a brilliant invention

    I'll buy it for a buck fifty. Then IF i find it interesting to make, i'll pay you 10% of the profits (if there are any, which u'll just have to trust my word on).
  10. RSGM Sales


    Put it in my agenda to ban you for offsite reasoning on the 5th of December. @Yoshiki will probably beat me to the punch....
  11. RSGM Sales

    Need Support.

    I'm gonna confirm 2 thing with Sythe mods. And if these are contradicting your claims, you have lost my support forever and wont be able to claim it back unless you wanna rectify some of your story before i find it out. Things i'll ask about : 1. If you have ever been banned for scamming and then have been unbanned due to for example refund = You claim you haven't besides one incident 6 years ago 2. The amount of vouches you have = You claim you have 5000, so we'll see. Can easily ask a mod to check your previously closed threads if there are any.
  12. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

  13. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    Enough to take you to a fancy restaurant, my dear.
  14. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    And i'm a high school drop out who makes more than you and your parents combined of a "SHITTY" gold website. /endthread.
  15. RSGM Sales

    What a Joke of a Website!

    English is indeed not my native language. If you're bashing on my live chat agents, you're bashing on me. And kid, stop acting retarded. We have a nearly 3 million dollar a year sales revenue so i would hardly call it a sweatshop. Don't give me bullshit that you don't believe me, feel free to screenshare if u want to. This non native English speaking and "foreign" kid moves more money everyday than you & your retarded family will ever rake together in a lifetime, LOL. And yes, i look up to Arcus, just as i look up to every good entrepeneur in the market. Most of them are close friends of mine even (internet). Internet keyboard warriors who have nothing but negative bs to ramble don't even deserve the respect of my cum. Stop acting like a tough man and stating that i own a "shit website". You couldn't even start a website if you tried. What, because u sell a bill a week (if that's even true) you think you're some hot shit? LOLLLLL Oh wait, here comes the : "I WOULDN'T EVEN WANT AN RS WEBSITE, I'M NOT A SLAVE, I ALREADY GOT A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, HAHA! AND EVEN IF I WOULD GET ONE I WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU." And editing the dispute? WHY WHY HUH U GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE? No you dumbfuck i just edited the title so google doesn't crawl scammer and my username together. I asked Chris if it was alright and he said yes. Besides me, everyone is free to ask for an edit of title who has a dispute opened against him. EDIT : Question for you. If u hate my service so much, and my website is SO SHIT and i'm such a bad entrepeneur, why enter an event that i sponsor? I mean if you were to host an event i wouldn't even participate cause you're an utter retard and i don't want anything to do with you, even if u sponsored it together with Powerbot.