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  1. Kaii


    Please use this thread. Do not make a new one about this request.
  2. Kaii

    Paysafecard to Paypal exchange

  3. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    UPDATE : Gave @Rage4MeDaddy the 34M 07 refund so far. Staff will conclude if further refund / action will be taken.
  4. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    Oh you thought this was over? No no... You just showed that u were able to refund the service money (or part of it). Not hard to pay 34M to show your "innocence" if u were still able to scam rake a profit of 100M+ No i'm not pointing fingers, just stating facts that this dispute is still under investigation. Yoshiki received a 34M 07 refund which he passed to me. @Rage4MeDaddy Contact me to collect this refund. PM me asap. @leggoboi In the meantime u have been muted for 48 hours for repeatedly being insultive, having a lack of respect, not following the rules after my last warning and acting like an utter fool. Staff will have a clear outcome within 48 hours.
  5. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    Ok well get it done. You can stop acting like a prick now and coming in my live chat and insulting my staff btw.
  6. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    So u'r refusing to refund?
  7. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    I'm a staff member nonetheless. Refusing to refund me just shows you're even more childish than everyone already expected you were.
  8. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    No, i can collect the refund and give it to him. No big deal. PM you for location.
  9. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    Oooo neck myself. Good one. Gracefull comment.
  10. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    Are you really gonna ask me to stake you? In a dispute? I don't even have an account LOL. Now hows about you grow up. And act like a mature adult. And just.... refund the rest of the service money... take a chill pill.... and then we're done ok?
  11. Kaii

    Scam Report leggoboi

    Please get in contact with the user and refund the rest of the service money. 24 hours to do so.
  12. Kaii

    Ban Please

    Update your thread accordingly please.