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  1. Ill give you fresh level 3s, you bond them and get them (unless you have rep then ill bond them Its just to prevent scammers botting them and risking my bonds) 60 att, str, def 1-15 agility 1-36 wc 1-31 crafting these quests lost city mountain daughter tree gnome village vampire slayer client of korend 20% favour reward on hosidious house depths of despair 20m pay per account you can do multiple at one time so the pray per hours decent if you quest them at the same time 25m if you paid bond, 20m if i paid bond. I can also give each account a bit of gold for quests etc. skype live:chuckle00
  2. No reply in 2 days, user has been banned. They will have to post a appeal to return. Sorry for your loss.
  3. 40+ DEF ONLY I cant do pures at the moment due to many orders running. 60+ hours per week 100% hand trained I can do melee, range and mage. 6-9gp per xp for melee 9-12GP per xp for mage and range my suppliesyou must have 5 of the following quests completelost city vampire slayer tree gnome village mountain daughter what lies below lunar dip In Search of the Myreque Shadow of the storm Depths of despair Fight arena The ascent of arceuus optional quests that can work for short ordersWitches house Grand tree (this 1 is very bad if its a long order we will pay my quester for a better boss) haunted mine Troll strong hold Troll romanceHundreds of orders already complete skype live:chuckle00 TOS 1. I will not go first unless you have more rep than me 2. Any bans after the service is over are not my responsibility (This service is 100% hand trained screen shots can be provided at any time, if you decided to bot after the service then it is your own fault) 3. you will not change the password during the service 4. Refunds are at my discretion, if you wish to cancel the service for any reason It must be agreed by both parties.
  4. Please use the link below to see all my accounts updated stats in one place. USE CODE CHUCK10 FOR 10% OFF or contact via skype if paying in gold Try our new make offer feature! All offers will be considered. Automatic updates from highscores every 12 hours! Can now accept all these payment methods and i accept payment plans. payment plan Zerkers/Pures/Mains Starter pures High Level Mains Odd Staking Accounts Extra info ALL ACCOUNTS COME WITH RARE 4 LETTER NAMES, These are some of the safest accounts you will find I am the original owner and have made them all by hand using NMZ method They will never be recovered or banned All accounts have 0 black marks coming soon. Skype details below ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM skype: live:chuckle00 TOS READ BEFORE POSTING! TOS verified by @Chris & @Jamal