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  1. @jimmie d let @RSGM Sales know if you want the 12$. Given the evidence posted the negative feedback will likely be removed. as it does not meet the feedback rules for negative feedback's seen here : "Positive may be left: -Whenever you like. But typically when you have had a good trade experience, or good customer service. Neutral may be left: -When your service has not quite up to your standard, or incomplete. Perhaps it was delayed, bad customer service, complicated, or just not as good as you would expect. Negative may be left: -When your service was bad, or incomplete. Your service or order was greatly delayed with no explanation or communication, terrible customer service, scammed, the users action caused you great distress." The service appears to be what was stated in the initial message. If this is not the case please let us know @jimmie d
  2. Resolved, Please try to stick to the 8 hours quoted time or extend it in the initial message @RSGM Sales Closed.
  3. @jimmie d Unfortunately we cant take action on this unless it exceeds the 8 hours they state in there initial message which they send to every seller via live chat It states that "they sometimes have sellers trade customers directly" and that payments may take "between 5mins- 8 hours." You will have received this before choose to use this site If this is not the case please let us know and we will help resolve the issue.
  4. chuckle

    Ban appeal

    You are only allowed 1 account per user. so your account was banned due to multiple accounts. let us know which one you want and the other will be banned.
  5. chuckle

    Ban appeal

    @ChinaNumbaWon is banned due to a IP match to @Lasers
  6. this 1 will be ready in a few days just finishing mage levels its already quested 100m