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  1. Brah my bed is 10feet from my monitor. I can hear the speakers loud and fine. I don’t need bass boosted speakers to listen to Rhett & Link decipher between Cheetos and knockoff oreos
  2. that i can see my screen while in bed and i dont want to wear a headset so i use the speakers
  3. Ay bruhs I use my headset for everything I only use my monitor speakers for when I’m laying in my bed watching Netflix or YouTube. It’s a 34” ultrawide so it’s got decent speakers
  4. Specifically @Coma Okay I have a Dell monitor. It has speakers. Let's say I set my headset as the default audio playback device then shut down my PC. When I start up my PC and switch playback back to my Dell monitor, the speakers won't work. The speakers only work if the monitor is set as the playback device upon start up. WHYYYYYYY Let me break it down more: Set headset as default playback > turn off pc > turn on pc > change playback to monitor > speakers dont work however set monitor as default playback > turn off pc > turn on pc > speakers work.. The speakers in the monitor only work if they are the default playback device upon startup. I can't find any answer to this anywhere online. Plz help