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  1. No and no. any method, this one included, will be profitable in the beginning, but the game will always win in the long run
  2. Same. I lost $1500 today because of him. But, granted, I have also gained close to $30000 because of him
  3. I paid $5.2k for a blue phat that’s how I know this list ain’t accurate
  4. They’re not displaying correctly for me. Comas is the only one in this thread that is properly displaying
  5. Superman


    Can vouch for this. I used to be friends with a script writer on here. I’d request a script from him then he’d make it and let me use it first before anyone else. I’d suicide bot with his scripts and would never get banned (even with all the bugs in the scripts that I eventually had him work out). Maxed my RS3 account ez pz with no worries this way
  6. kid give me ur discord name so we can play rl together im trying to pwn some noobs on there

    1. Chris


      Chris B
    2. Superman


      I added u idiot my name is eric accept it already kid

    3. Chris
  7. If you don't know what bustabit is then please ignore this post. So, here's what I did; I paid $100 and got roughly 36k bits. From there, I set up automatic betting. My bet was 10 bits, and it'd auto cash out at 2x. Anytime it'd crash before 2x and I'd lose my bits, it'd then double my bet. So lets say I bet 10, it crashed and I lost that 10. Then it'd automatically bet 20. It'd crash and I'd lose that 20 bits. Then it'd auto bet 40 bits, and so on and so forth until I win. Once I won it'd reset my bet back to 10 bits. Now, 10 bits is equivalent to $0.00270162, so you're probably thinking "this nigga is only betting 2 cents every round, how does it make any money??" Well, I've been running it for a few days now and have collected some results. I noticed that I make roughly $60 per day doing this. It's not a whole lot (I could easily up the bets and make way more), but $60 a day just to have your computer on and running aint bad. That's $1,800 a month. Now, why doesn't everyone do this? I know this method isn't rocket science and that I'm not the only one who has ever thought of this. It's a simple method that has been making me money. Why do I seem to be the only one doing it? Please point out any flaws thank you