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  1. Just got help from one guy
  2. Yea I figured so. That’s fine. Thanks for the delete
  3. This thread I made it when I forgot my password a long time ago. Jamal mentioned my aim email in it now whenever you google my email it links to that thread. I'm trying to make it so when u google the email account it doesnt bring up any google results. Thanks
  4. Lez talk business baby. Do u have a discord
  5. I don’t link my social media and he doesn’t need to link me his. im assuming this is just typical pb banter tho
  6. You just gotta do one thing for me requirements: have a facebook account Im in a Contest to win Super Bowl tickets. I just need you to go to the site (ill send via pm) and then u enter ur birthdate, email (can be fake) and zip code. then u answer 6 random ass nfl questions however u want and ur done. takes like 1 min at most reason u need a fb account is because the sweepstakes is through fb messenger for some reason. I don't need to add you or anything nor will i even be able to see your profile or name or any of that shit comment below or pm me n then once done i will reward u with ur 3m osrs gp edit: u can also get other people to do this too and I will give 3m for every person u get. No limit