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  1. 46 - 48 agility 51 - 53 thieving 33 - 50 firemaking 9 - 34 construction 52 - 55 woodcutting 57 - 60 mining Lunar Diplomacy DT Temple of Ikov Family Crest Shadow of the Storm The Golem Darkness of Hallowvale in aid of myreque in search for myreque One Small Favour Curse of the Empty Lord (miniquest) In Search of Knowledge(miniquest) Architectural Alliance(miniquest) A Tail of Two Cats Haunted Mine Undergroud pass cold war Price for each individually if possible thanks.
  2. I can do this 500 times for you if you want.
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    Yes. Me.
  4. Zero's Services sale 10% off all orders Discord: palveer#3772 Skype: Live:zero_7 I offer extreme speeds, the feedback doesn't lie. Currently: AVAILABLE Quests: Depends on stats for some quests, we will talk about quest prices. Torso: 30M Defenders: 20M Rune 25M Dragon Firecape (75 Ranged required): 30m Jad Pet: 400M Pest control: Full Void + 3 helms 70M All prices are negotiable. TOS: I have the right to say "No" to a service You will not log in while I am working on your service You must pay the required amount BEFORE I start the service You have all the necessary equipment ready. You allow us to take a screen shot of your account upon completion of service. You have to understand that we are not held responsible for any bans. I can bot on your account to get power leveling done.
  5. Skype: Live:zero_7 Discord : palveer#3772 Hit me up if you need a middleman (3M minimum fee)