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  1. I'm glad you like it. The script generates different antipattern settings for each user so there is not much need to manually customize it.
  2. Thank you. From the log it looks like the client is having trouble loading the script on your machine. I've reported it to client developers and I'll let you know what can be done as soon as I get more information.
  3. This is not the log. Log can be found by going to Help -> View Log in RSBot client after you encounter the problem.
  4. Hello Artificial,


    Yesterday I understand the AMiner OS bot, but when I click to play it nothing happens. 
    Plaeas, i would like my refund or problem solution.
    1. Artificial


      I've replied to both of your queries on the thread. Read it again and you'll have your answers regarding refund and the solution.

  5. Post the log of when you encounter the problem. Alternatively, you can get a refund directly via store.
  6. Please try using fixed interface mode. The client had some issues recently with resizable mode.
  7. There were some errors with the latest client version. It has been fixed and you should see the script back in store/script collection.
  8. Unfortunately, this is a client issue. Please wait for an update. Thanks. Does it still show the same error in the log?
  9. Hi Artificial, I didnt notice that your ASmither isnt available in store and i mistakenly bought Asmither OS. I dont play OS at all. Is there any way you can give me Asmither instead of Asmither OS?

    1. Artificial


      ASmither for RS3 is no longer available. For a refund please contact powerbot support, they handle all of the transactions. Alternatively, you can request a refund within the first 48 hours of purchase directly through the store.

  10. Help -> View Log in the RSBot client. Please send it via PM so it does not clutter the thread (it's usually pretty long). Thanks.