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    The item is called "Toxic blowpipe (empty)"
  2. k0na


    I'll look into the selling issue, thanks for reporting it.
  3. I'm not sure what to tell you. The script itself works fine, if banking doesn't work you need to update RSBot. If your issue is with something else please read page 1 and comment with what you need help with.
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    Deadman mode is not explicitly supported.
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    Thanks mate!
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    OSFlipper Flipping an item, in brief, means to buy it for X GP and sell it for Y GP where Y > X (read more here). It can be incredibly profitable and doesn't carry the same ban risk as traditional gold farming scripts might. The only requirement to start is a decent cash stack, preferably >500k. Features Automatic flipping of any item for huge profits Fully automatic price and margin checking of items (+customizable periodic rechecking) Customizable trade cancellation strategies Automatic item data lookup (limits, market prices, images etc.) Keeps track of trade limits across multiple sessions* Incredibly low player report rate Saves and reloads item lists Low CPU mode Simple and intuitive usage *only of items bought and sold by the script Instructions Run OSRS in fixed mode (i.e. not resizable), in-game click settings icon then monitor icon; Add your RS account credentials to RSBot (and select it when running the script, required to sign-in) OSFlipper has a general overview view where you may change its configuration: It has a separate view where you can add new items easily: Profit is variable as it depends on a) the items you input, b) your cash stack, and c) your personal configuration (in other words, not guaranteed). For that exact reason you need to input items yourself, i.e. no list is pre-supplied as skewing the market is no good for anyone. To get a feel for how the script operates I recommend testing it out with only a small cash stack in your inventory the first time. Help Please ensure you have read and followed the instructions above. If you run into issues please include the RSBot log content in your comment (Help -> View Log).
  7. OSHunter The most efficient hunting script on powerbot. OSHunter supports all the popular hunting methods of OSRS. NPC specific hunting strategies have been intelligently implemented to maximize hourly xp and money rates. Features Birds Deadfall traps Chinchompas Salamanders Swamp Lizards Red Salamanders Black Salamanders Falconry (all kebbits) Instructions Load RuneScape in fixed mode (not resizable). Deposit/bank all items not strictly needed for hunting. Sign in and go to your desired hunting area before starting the script. Done! The script will attempt to automatically configure everything and prompt you if it needs help in doing so. Preview
  8. OSFighter Your intelligent AIO fighter for OSRS! Features Fully automatic banking (no setup needed)* Advanced looting (can prioritize over combat and/or food to maximize gp/h) Smart monster fighting** (does not kill-steal + stays within customizable radius) Eats any kind of food and drinks any kind of potion Ranging and magic support with safespotting Optional burying of bones Low CPU mode World hopping (antiban) Advanced automatic muling (use OSMuler) Saving & loading of monster profiles to save time! Intuitive user-interface; easy to setup (unlike other scripts’ complicated/cluttered design) + more! Preview Instructions Load RuneScape in fixed mode (not resizable) and sign in before starting the script. Either a) load an existing monster profile, or b) start at the location of the monster you want to kill. To setup banking please specify the items you wish to withdraw and their respective amounts. FAQ A small collection of frequently asked questions and their solutions. *not all dungeons have been mapped out, feel free to make requests **rock and sand crabs are blacklisted
  9. OSCrabber The best crab killer on the market - rock and sand crabs supported! Features Automatically kills rock crabs (Rellekka, east) or sand crabs Supports human behavior by emulating crab AFK'ing Eats any type of food Drinks any kind of potion (+any amount) Optionally loots and re-equips range ammo Avoids kill-stealing Employs advanced custom anti-ban and anti-report measures Preview Testimonials FAQ A small collection of frequently asked questions and their solutions. Q: How do I get the script? A: Go to and add it. Ensure to browse OS. Q: Something is clearly malfunctioning (killing rock crabs? Please ensure you're in the eastern area) A: Please try the following before posting: Ensure you're NOT in resizable mode in-game If you are in fixed mode please try restarting RSBot If restarting RSBot didn't fix the issue please try deleting your cache (for Windows: %appdata%/RSBot, for Mac see: $TMPDIR) If clearing your cache didn't work please try restarting your computer Q: It doesn't do anything... A: Assuming you read the above please try restarting your computer. STILL NEED HELP? Post below WITH THE RSBOT LOG (Help -> View Log), WITH YOUR SETTINGS, and preferably WITH A SCREENSHOT.