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  1. General Warnings: Short and simple. You are botting agility. Agility has a high ban rate. Be smart with your botting intervals. Do not use a course that is below your recommended level (Ex. Gnome Stronghold at level 30 agility). Pause the script and do something different every once in a while such as chat with your friend's, complete a farm run, kill a boss, etc... This isn't meant to scare you off or anything; it is simply a warning. You only need to configure the GUI once. All settings are saved in ~/AppData%/Local/Temp/RsBot/kAgility/agility.config. If your script fails to load, try deleting that file. Everything should be dummy proof; emphasis on should, don't go and try breaking stuff. The config file is hashed for a reason. There's an explanation for each function down below under Description. You can read up on those. Currently supports the following courses: Gnome Stronghold Ardougne - Sprint Toggling, Food Consuming, Potion Drinking - Break Scheduling - Anti-ban Configuration - Sentry Account Watcher - Dangerous Kill Switch To-do: Draynor Village Al-kharid Varrock Canifis Falador Seer's Village Pollnivneach Prifddinas Rellekka Seer's Village ( Camelot ) Teleport ... ? High Alch Running ... ? To start the script, you must be logged into the game. Your "Always Hide Roofs" option must be turned on. Your zoom distance should be less than 20%. Your accept aid should be disabled. You should equip an item in your weapon equipment slot. You should hide all entity attack options from left clicks. ... from Version 3.0 ... from Version 2.0 ... from Version 1.0 There are 3 different types of random number generator distributions being used, Gaussian, Uniform, and Constant. Gaussian generates a number with probability centered around a value. Uniform generates a number with equal probability across the whole range. Constant is ... just a constant? If you need any further explanation, I'll it up to Wikipedia. Or you'll eventually learn it in a High School / University statistics course. General Settings Break Scheduler: Anti-ban Handler: Sentry Watcher: Kill Switch: Version 1.0 --- Jan 28 / 2018 - Thread Published, Last Minute Changes before SDN Release Jan 28 / 2018 - Script Uploaded to SDN Jan 28 / 2018 - Canifis Alpha Added & Resizable Support Jan 30 / 2018 - Canifis moved to Beta; Falador planned next. Jan 31 / 2018 - Falador moved to Alpha; Seer's Village next. Jan 31 / 2018 - Added more randomization and course warnings. Feb 05 / 2018 - Falador moved to Beta, Seer's Village to Alpha. Pollnivneach next. Feb 07 / 2018 - GUI Update Feb 13 / 2018 - Futher Anti-ban Update and Mouse Speeds. Pollniveach is done, on dev mode right now. Version 2.0 --- Mar 08 / 2018 - Version 2.0 - GUI Overhaul, Antiban Update, etc. Aug 07 / 2018 - Added Ardougne as alpha. Aug 08 / 2018 - Fixed some obstacles on Ardougne. Moved Ardougne to Beta. Removed unused notification messages. Version 3.0 --- Jan 01 / 2020 - Version 3.0 Preview