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  1. The idea is that Jmods don't actually monitor people themselves 99% of the time, it's an automated system. Furthermore Jmods definitely aren't monitoring people who haven't been previously banned or reported, there are too few of them to monitor everyone. If they're going to hunt down bots themselves they're likely going to high traffic areas for botting or specifically going for players that have prior reports/bans. Also, I legitimately skill in my house if I'm multitasking and don't want to be bothered by other players. Especially because I regularly play the same server and even with my private chat off it wouldn't take much for one of my friends to notice and approach me at the GE. I actually know other people that do the same thing for very similar reasons too so it's not as uncommon as you might think.
  2. 6 hours throughout the whole day (broken up into chunks) is more doable, especially if it's across different bots. But 6 hours straight on the same bot seems quite risky. Honestly given the current systems in place for anti botting I don't understand why people buy VIP just to bot for more consecutive hours. Four hours is more than enough if you're on an account you don't want to get banned. I usually never bot for more than 2 hours and generally speaking will only do one dream at a time. I'll do multiple throughout the day but not usually consecutively
  3. Precisely, this is where good credit monitoring habits come in and also why I harped on monitoring when the card issuers post to credit bureaus, it's very useful information to know. Especially if you're working with a low balance
  4. You're confusing opening new lines of credit with spending money on your cards. Don't open new cards in rapid succession You can spend as much and as frequently as you want on the cards you have open as long as you do two things 1. Pay all the debt off within the 21 day grace period 2. Pay the debt down to below 10% before the card issuer posts your credit to the credit bureaus What they post to credit bureaus is your CURRENT balance and your max, so it needs to be low 10% on the day they post.
  5. I can confirm that between the last time you posted here about it being down on Thursday and now it has been working. It might've been down then, and might be down now, but it hasn't been for the entire consecutive span of time between.
  6. If you can afford to alch large quantities do it in your house to avoid random reports from people at the GE. I know 3-4 people who were auto clicking for 6+ hours on a regular basis all the way to 99 magic without ever getting banned. Not saying it's a guaranteed plan to avoid getting banned but you are likely taking a much smaller risk of get looked into if you're never reported. That being said from what I've read the anti botting system is pattern oriented so there is still a chance it catches you simply because of your click intervals. I've heard of people setting up 3-4 independent auto clickers though at different speeds to diversify the clicking interval.
  7. As someone who is also 800+, Coma is pretty much spot on. I did the same thing, picked up a secured card for $500. After a while I picked up a card with a higher limit but I keep track of when the banks post to the credit bureaus and pay it down to 0-1% the day before they post. They post systematically so you can very easily predict the exact day they will post and pay it off a day or two before then to ensure regardless of if you had it maxed out a week earlier, the credit bureaus will get a good report from the card issuer. As for loans, I always pay early and more than the minimum required. Ensure that if you pay more than the minimum that the extra goes towards the principal balance otherwise they may just pay down the interest which does jack shit for you. Generally speaking I'll take loans out on things I don't even need to take loans out to buy. Computers, furniture, TVs, random large purchases of generally around or over $500. It's not that I can't afford to pay cash, it's that a lot of lenders will charge you zero interest for 6-12 months and I'll pay it off long before then. It looks good when you diversify your credit history. Just ensure that you're not doing it extremely quickly because taking out numerous loans on a regular basis will adversely affect your score. I believe this is why Coma previously said to wait a year before opening another line of credit. It does in fact make you look irresponsible/unstable financially if you frequently open new lines of credit, even if you're managing the ones you have effectively. Also the grace period for interest is typically 21 days. The interest will accrue in that time period but if you pay it off within that time frame you don't actually have to pay the accrued interest, after 21 days you'll see the balance rise sometimes pretty significantly. Especially if your credit score is trash and you're getting like 18-25% interest rates.
  8. That is absolutely disgusting lol. I think I got cleared for Secret in about two weeks but I have a perfect record, not even a speeding ticket. I'm actually kind of curious as to what your friend does because in my experience the only thing Secret will get you is a login account on our networks.
  9. Honestly if your clearance will expire due to getting your Master's I would resolve that issue before continuing your education. A clearance is an asset that most people don't think about but it guarantees you an exceptional advantage in the market, especially if it's TS/SCI which I believe is the standard for any cyber defense contracts as well as the 35Q/25D/17C which are the major cyber jobs in my branch. Edit: Also to add, the backlog for clearances (especially TS) is always massive in my experience. We get priority and it takes us about 6 months to clear for interim TS/SCI, I've heard of civilians waiting 1-2 years.
  10. I'd say do it, put yourself a step ahead of everyone else in the field because 90% of them stopped at the Bachelor's degree. That being said, some things to consider... Do you have a personal/business related use for the things they'll be teaching on your way to a Master's degree? Generally speaking a Master's degree means you can ask for higher pay right off the bat. That being said, smaller companies that don't have a use for such a high qualification might turn you away because you're overqualified for their positions and they don't want to pay you more for a job someone with little formal education could do for half the wage. I have family with Master's and Doctorate degrees and that was a very real issue they faced in different fields of work. Granted there are plenty of openings at places like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, etc. They will gladly hire on someone with a Master's degree. Side note, if you have no criminal background you could spend the time you're still in school getting a top secret clearance (takes about a year) and work for the gov making easily 150k/yr upwards to around 350k/yr depending on the specifics of your degree.
  11. Run large profit margin bots for very short periods of time vs low profit margin bots for longer periods of time. This prevents the pattern recognition oriented ban system from catching you. The part where most people fail is they have too few accounts and bot far too many hours so their accounts get banned before they ever pay out their worth. I'll give a hypothetical example of what you could do to minimize risk get 60 accounts and only running each one for four hours a day, this way you're cycling 10 accounts for 24 hours a day You can further add complexity by dividing the four hours into one or two hour increments throughout the day Cycle between multiple bots so you're not doing the same thing for days/weeks/months on end Do some form of training, questing, or various other account progressing tasks (even if you pay someone else to do it) Personally I bot NMZ and pay my buddies to do some quests or achievement diary shit every once in a while. Hope this helps
  12. Lol I'm definitely the latter of those two. I like civilian airlines because I can usually sleep but work related flights generally mean leaving the aircraft prematurely. I definitely agree with the alcohol consumption, I know a handful of senior NCOs that are essentially functional alcoholics and it seems that goes all the way to the top tier units. I was doing some field training with an Army SOF unit these past few days and when I raided their AO this morning they were all kicked back drinking around a campfire like it was a day off. The general rule of thumb during field training exercises is no alcohol but no one is going to tell guys of their caliber what to do unless they're higher up in the unit. All that being said, I'll never talk down about those guys or how they want to train/operate. I've rolled out to go after them like we did this morning or had them come after us in the past and they are no joke in a gunfight. Last night was an exception, not the rule.
  13. I just died a little inside, I can hardly get A/C and wifi in the states half the time. Wouldn't know anything about mechanics though, they've never directly impacted me so I don't usually meet them. I know a few helicopter mechanics in the USMC because we were buddies before the military and they seem to hate their lives lol. Lots of inspections and quality control shit going on, I can only imagine a plane is similarly difficult. Then again the USAF is usually ahead of the curve and the USMC is generally about a decade behind it so maybe it's not as bad? Who knows Edit: Well I guess the USAF just adopted the fuckin 'US Space Command' like 12 hours ago so you've got that going for you now too...? Maybe?
  14. Haha, fuck. Definitely some truth to this, those guys live like kings compared to conventional Army guys. That being said our helicopter pilots are definitely the best in the world so the USAF can suck it there and I'd argue our special operations community is also vastly superior in every way except ground-to-air communications. If you want to be a shitbag with a cushy desk job, part of the CCT community, or a plane pilot, then I'd highly suggest joining the USAF because it's definitely for you. Almost forgot one of the most important points for most guys though, the USAF definitely has more hot chicks. Edit: Also if you're into guys join the Navy. USMC guys chase the girls and Navy guys chase the guys so it's a win-win.